2 Guilt-Free Holiday Mommy Mocktails from BumpWater.com

Whether you’re a mommy-to-be or just a dedicated teetotaler, rest assured that there are mixologists working night and day to see that you don’t have to miss out on enjoying a good drink come holiday season. Here, courtesy of  BumpWater.com, are two non-alcoholic recipes that will deliver when it comes to delivering spicy Fall-inspired flavors you won’t be able to stop sipping.

Spicy Cran-Asian Pear Margarita


  1. On a small salad plate, add 2 tablespoons of organic cane sugar + a few dashes of pumpkin pie spice and stir around to mix.
  2. Rub an orange slice around the edge of the glass and dip rims into the pumpkin pie spice mixture to coat; shake off excess. Set aside.
  3. In a blender combine: 1 cup of ice + ½ cup Bump Water Cranberry Ginger Sparkle + ½ of an Asian pear, chopped + 1 tsp fresh minced ginger + spicy cinnamon bitters (optional). Blend to combine. Pour into prepared glass.

Bobbing For Apples Punch


  1. In a medium size pitcher or small punch bowl, combine 2 cups of apple cider + 1 bottle of cranberry ginger sparkle.
  2. Garnish with sliced apples, cinnamon sticks, and cranberries. To serve, add an apple slice and cinnamon stick to each glass + a few cranberries and top with apple punch.

Created with the help of beverage experts, Bump Water is an all-natural, prenatal vitamin-enhanced beverage that includes 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of folic acid. Bump Water was co-founded by Amber Wilcox and Stacy Rauen. Learn more at www.bumpwater.com

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