Infographic: When Is Food Not Food? A Look at Fillers In the Things We Eat

food-fillers1A compelling infographic recently came our way that examines the reality of fillers present in many foods we buy. Developed by NowSourcing, and counting and the Bureau of Labor Statistics among its data sources, it touches on things such as why fillers are added to red meats (to boost binding ability and lower costs), poultry (to cause the meat to retain water, bulking up its weight so that pieces looks bigger and more appealing), and even products like salad dressing (to add thickness without adding fat).


Purporting that one side effect of utilizing such additives is that food cheaper than it’s ever been, the graphic considers what other side effects may exist and what they may be costing us in terms of nutrition, personal health, and more. Check out the entire infographic here.

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