New SWIG App Is Building a Community for Drink Explorers

At 9am tomorrow, the world of drinking will change for the better.

Craft beers, spirits, and cocktails are all the rage nowadays, with imbibers everywhere seeking out locally-produced drinks. At 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday, November 19th, the world’s community of drink explorers gets more connected, and one can only imagine, will grow friendlier and closer-knit. When that happens, every ethanol aficionado will have SWIG to thank for it.

SWIG, an iPhone/Android app from Shindig Labs that’s making its debut tomorrow, is designed for searching and discovering amazing new drinks in your vicinity, wherever you are. Described as “an Instagram for drinkers,” Swig provides a visual reference guide for great craft beers, wines and cocktails and helps thirsty souls to locate the nearby establishments serving them.

Through a fun photo community and gamification, drinkers will use Swig to discover, wishlist, and share drinks they love, and to follow brewers, bartenders, and drink explorers. Just snap a photo of your drink to recommend it to friends.A geo-locator tells you where drinks are found.

SWIG’s easily-searchable drink database includes hundreds of thousands of beers, wines, and spirits, with new drinks and menus being added every day. Related videos, tasting notes, and fun facts will let users learn about what they’re drinking. Thousands of bartenders, brewers and drink enthusiasts are already sharing local brands and new taste experiences. Adventurous drinkers seeking friends, this one’s got your names written all over it. Get in on the sharing. Do it because sharing is good; because seeking out and exploring new libations is always a good time. And because SWIG  just made a good time better.

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