Japan’s High Fashion Sweets Show, Beaujolais Mouth Spray, England’s Turkey-Flavored Doughnuts, and the Bacon Spice Latte

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: TokyoSweetsCollection.com
Image credit: TokyoSweetsCollection.com

Japan’s High Fashion Sweets

According to RocketNews24, the Japanese so adore sweets that the French word pâtissier (meaning “pastry chef”) has become an established part of the Japanese language. On November 15th, the Tokyo Sweets Collection 2014 brought together sweet treats, fashion, dancing, music and more for a night of entertainment presided over by six celebrated pastry chefs. Each chef was given a fairytale theme around which to build a dessert presentation for this exhibition which first was held in 2008. Fashion shows and fashion models and dancing and music are all wonderful and in no way would  ever seek or intend to slight them, but speaking only for myself, this show had my attention at “Tokyo Sweets.”

Via RocketNews24

Image credit: McCann Vilnius

Get Your Wine On Covert Ops Style

Who knows what alcohol appreciation lurks in the hearts of drinkers? Bouche Bée knows. That must be part of the reason why it has released a sprayable wine mist for our pleasure and future states of discreetly-acquired inebriation. Designed by Lithuania-based advertising agency McCann Vilnius, each bottle is filled with Beaujolais wine and labeled with images of flowers that belie its true content. I can think of many situations in which this product could prove its worth a thousand times over, though mainly I just want to own one of these so I’ll have something to tell to anyone who asks me about my breath spray that they’ve probably never heard before.

Via Design Taxi

Image credit: Devour
Image credit: Devour

England’s Turkey-Flavored Doughnuts

So, it should surprise no one that Thanksgiving is much less of a big deal in the UK than it is in the states. That is to say that it is barely a deal at all across the pond. This hasn’t stopped British grocery chain Tesco from marketing a Turkey-and-Stuffing-flavored doughnut. Because Thanksgiving flavors are delicious, naturally. They’ve done other doughnuts in the past that could perhaps be considered equally toothsome, such as the salt and vinegar cheese and onion doughnut and the smoky bacon doughnut, but honestly, what could ever compete with a fried pastry that tastes like Thanksgiving dinner? NOTHING, that’s what.

Via Devour

Image credit: Bacon Today

The BSL Is Us And We Are It

Brothers and sisters, I have seen the future of cold-weather latte sipping, and it is laced with the candy-sweet crispness of pork. Bacon Today has shared its recipe for the treat, made using a maple bacon coffee, pumpkin pie spices, and bacon-flavored syrup along with the usual milk and sugar. Latte purists can of course can sub in espresso for the maple bacon brew, but this sacrifices a bit of the concoction’s bacony bravado. And in this, our annual season of indulgent holiday-inspired food and drink, that just seems wrong.

Via Bacon Today

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