Japanese Wireless Provider Shows Us Shrimp Fried By Air-Cannon in Seconds

When in the course of human events, raw shrimp get shot out of a cannon on a trajectory that sends them through clouds of flour, an egg wash cascade, bursts of bread crumbs, and searing flames before depositing them neatly onto a plate, every eye must bear witness. Every seafood-loving stomach must yearn in earnest for a world in which this preparation method is the established norm, not the novelty. The above video is actually an advertisement for Japan’s largest mobile service provider NTT Docomo, touting the speed of its dual band LTE service.

How fast is it? Fast enough, evidently, to rival the speed of the shellfish flash-frying method applied by the two women in the video.

To what degree the food can truly be considered fried—or for that matter, cooked at all—is suspect of course, since proper frying involves immersing food in scalding hot oil rather than a cursory pass through a well-timed burst of fire.

Still, the ladies fired whole shrimp out of a double-barreled air cannon. Through clouds of fry coatings. And open flames. Onto a plate.

If that’s not enough to start your December off with a grin, then one can only wonder what it will take.

Perhaps the next episode in the continuing saga begun above, wherein the ladies will attempt to duplicate their cooking results using gyoza.

[Video courtesy of NTT Docomo YouTube channel]

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