Creativity-Boosting Beer, Britain’s Boozy Yogurt, The Drinking Jacket, and Liquor-Concealing Shoes

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Problem Solver
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Beer Wants to Help Solve Your Problems

There’s now a beer that is aimed at helping you achieve your maximum creative potential in ways that (insert name of teacher/professor from your youth who could never quite figure out how to reach you) never could. University of Illinois at Chicago Professor Jennifer Wiley, working in collaboration with Copenhagen-based ad agency CP + B has introduced “The Problem Solver” into our world. An Indian Pale Ale, this solver of problems comes in a bottle whose label provides a handy chart detailing exactly how much one should drink, depending on the drinker’s body weight, to reach the ideal blood alcohol level of 0.075% (said to be “optimal for creative problem solving.”) Alas, it is currently available only in Copenhagen, but here’s hoping the company finds a creative means of exporting it soon.

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Drunken Cultures

I knew that eating yogurt had stopped being primarily about health the day I saw a certain line that will remain nameless introduce mix-ins that included the likes of malted milk balls, candy-coated chocolates, and crumbled sandwich cookies. This isn’t to say the practice is without merit, however; yogurt is delicious, and adding tasty ingredients to it can only stand to make it more so. That must be what drove small independent British yogurt brand The Collective to launch the UK’s first alcoholic yogurt. Its limited edition Raspberry & Amaretto variety combines two great features in one product for which there is clearly a market as evidenced by how quickly it sold out across the country. In honor of the holiday season, there’s now also a Christmas Pudding yogurt that includes brandy. Given that The Collective is clearing giving the public what it wants, what can one say, except “Cheers!”?

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Move Over, Smoking Jacket

As if I needed more reasons to like Zane Lamprey. Apart from having drunk his way around the world from tourist havens to remote locales, the former host of the travelogue/pub crawl television program Three Sheets and current host of National Geographic Channel show CHUG has designed a jacket perfectly suited to helping you maximize your tippling experiences wherever you may roam. This garment blew past its Kickstarter goal by tens times the amount, illustrating not just the necessity, but the public’s demand that it exist. Equipped with features like slip-resistant drink grips, a neoprene-lined beer Koozie pocket, a zipper grip that doubles as a bottle-opener, and more, it is the jacket drinkers need and deserve.


Image credit: Oliver Sweeney

These Shoes Were Made For Hiding Your Stash

At last: shoes that will cradle and secure your private reserve as well as your feet. These limited-edition Oxfords by Oliver Sweeney are described as Johnnie Walker Brogues. Besides looking smarter than your average footwear, they are designed to expertly conceal a tiny bottle of JW for those moments in life when you could use a friend to lean on (or savor neat) to help you cope.

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