Your Robot Mixologist, Your 3D Chocolate Printer, Wendy’s Japan’s Holiday Burgers, and Food & Wine’s All-Lady Chef Issue

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

In 2015, Your Very Own In-Home Robot Bartender

Less than 5 seconds stand between you and craft cocktail-sipping bliss with the invention of Somabar. An intelligent, Wi-Fi connected robot mixologist, Somabar draws precisely measured cocktail ingredients that you fill it with from dishwasher-safe pods, mixes them internally, and dispenses your chosen concoction directly into your glass. It maintains the purity of each cocktail by flushing its system with water after each drink it prepares, and can suggest cocktails based on the ingredients you have on hand. The machine has quickly blown past its initial Kickstarter goal to the tune of quadruple the amount sought. Its current estimated delivery date is July 2015, so there’s ample time between today and securing one of your very own to get busy creating new cocktail recipes. [Video courtesy of Somabar’s YouTube channel]

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Mister Chocolatier, Print Me A Dream

It’s called the Choc Creator V2 3D Chocolate Printer. It can print using virtually any kind of chocolate. It’s capable of fine detail up to 0.5 mm. It accepts STL files (standard 3D printing file) and G-code (standard CNC machining language). Most importantly, it stands poised to make a reality of my long-held dream (harbored ever since I started typing this passage) of eating the seven wonders of the world rendered in exquisite three-dimensional chocolate.

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Image credit: Wendy's Japan
Image credit: Wendy’s Japan

At Wendy’s Japan, the Holiday Beat Goes On

Available until January 25th, two burgers at Wendy’s Japan aren’t yet ready to let go of the holiday season. The Mashed Potato Burger sound like your average bun full of ground beef until one considers the layer of mashed potatoes and heap of turkey that get added to it.The Pretzel Turkey Mashed Potato Burger keeps the spuds n’ poultry party going, but also adds honey mustard and gravy to the mix. In each case, diners can swap out a beef burger for a chicken patty. Even though the chicken version of the turkey-topped offering seems to suffer from a distinct lack of duck meat necessary to elevate it to turducken-level burger glory, these nonetheless seem like tasty and intriguing ways to assuage one’s hunger. If anyone reading this scores one of these burgers, or already has, I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

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Image credit: Gabi Porter
Image credit: Gabi Porter

Food & Wine’s All-Lady Issue Is Go

Food & Wine Magazine‘s January 2015 issue will be an all-female chef issue highlighting talented lady chefs, bartenders, entrepreneurs and culinary pioneers, as well as the female inspirational figures that helped shape them. The issue is an effort on the magazine’s part to celebrate female food service professionals in an industry frequently criticized as overlooking their contributions. Carrying said effort a step further to boost some of the most innovative female chefs into the spotlight, Food & Wine is inviting Twitter-connected readers to nominate their picks for the best and brightest lady chefs working today, by using Twitter hashtag #FOODWINEWOMEN. Taking a moment to serve up some props for your favorite lady food chef/professional seems like a great way to start 2015 off with some good karma, so let’s get tweeting, shall we? After you pick up your copy of the issue, that is.

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