Hong Kong’s Organic Hello Kitty Farm, Wine Ice Cream Exists, Your Robot Chef, and VR Dining is Now

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: The Telegraph
Image credit: The Telegraph

Eight Ice Creams A-Wining

A nearly century-old dairy farm in New York is apparently in the business of answering prayers as well as producing milk products. Mercer’s Dairy has created a line of wines made with ice cream. Available in eight adults-only flavors that include the likes of riesling, peach white zinfandel, and cherry merlot, the ice creams contain 5% abv and marks my official first infatuation of 2015.

Via The Telegraph

Image credit: First We Feast
Image credit: First We Feast

Hello Kitty Had a Farm (in Hong Kong)

The Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm is a 50,000 square foot farm and education center that arose out of a partnership between Sanrio and farmer Raymond Cheng. Its purpose is to educate people about organic, low-carbon agriculture, and give them a chance to plant and harvest crops of their own.

In adorable, button-nosed fashion, no doubt.

Via First We Feast

Have It Your With Your Own Home Robot Chef

The Jetsons had (or technically, will have, since they exist in our distant future) Rosie the Robot. You can have Cooki. Scheduled to roll out this October, Cooki is a smartphone app-controlled robot that will fry, stir, sauté and simmer complete meals for you in your own kitchen. The creation of Sereneti, the machine can be loaded with ingredients prepped by you, or ordered chopped and pre-washed from Sereneti, and then left to the kitchen drudgery of preparing a meal from start to finish while you relax. While it’s still in the fundraising stage, a Cooki to call your own can be had for a donation of $399, along with the satisfaction of ever after blaming the robot if a meal doesn’t come together the way you hoped it would. [Video courtesy of Sereneti Kitchen’s Vimeo channel]

Via Thrillist

Image credit: Kokiri Lab
Image credit: Kokiri Lab

Food Enters the Uncanny Valley

“Project Nourished” is a virtual gastronomic experience that utilizes Oculus Rift headsets, sensor-equipped flatware, and aromatic diffusers to alter our perceptions with regard to the way we eat.  As its website put it, the project is “merging the physicality of molecular gastronomy with virtual reality” so that we can all “finally enjoy any food we want in a whole new way.” The idea is that by swapping out our favorite fat-/calorie-/carb-laden dishes for low-cal alternatives composed of hydrocolloid polymers and gums while immersed in a virtual dining reality, we can trick our palates into thinking we’re eating the real deal while ingesting healthier items in place of them. This simulated dining reality will even let eaters select a preferred dining environment and 3D print foods tailored for the virtual reality experience.

Via The Daily Mail

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