A February 14th D.C. Booze Bash That Has ZERO To Do With Valentine’s Day

DDPDBB2Hey, we get it. We hear you. February 14th is coming and maybe you aren’t feeling overly enthusiastic about the obligatory romantic overtures that traditionally mark the day. Maybe you’re already resigned to spending the day alone (but not lonely, thank you very much). Maybe what you perceive as the date’s annual commercialism festival and downright unhealthy relationship expectations just leave a bad taste in your mouth. Maybe you’ve always felt like a royal heart-shaped sucker for paying top dollar on February 14th for long-stemmed roses and chocolates and stuffed animals that you just know will be hustled off store shelves at up to 80% discounts 24 hours later.

Then again, maybe February 14th is your favorite day of the entire year and its traditional demonstrations of love come as naturally to you as breathing. We don’t know; we’re just spitballin’ here.

No matter what side of the whole Valentine’s Day issue you come down on, though—whether you were planning to stay in by yourself, draw the drapes, and wait the insanity out like it’s The Purge, or you’re among those lovebirds who intend to show the world how V-Day is done, but haven’t yet nailed down solid plans—there’s something going down that day in Washington, D.C. that you might want to get in on.

On February 14th, 2015, Drink the District‘s 2nd Annual  President’s Day Beer Bash is taking over Dock 5 at Washington, D.C.’s Union Market. There’ll be lawn games (to showcase your prodigious aptitude for games like beer pong, corn hole, giant Jenga, and more), copious comestibles courtesy of food trucks DC Slices, Crepe Love, CapMac, and Rito Loco, and access to more than 50 craft beers, complete with a live DJ dropping beats you can drink to.

All you have to do in order to attend is be 21 or older, and get tickets, which can be purchased here.

See? February 14th isn’t just for lovers anymore. it’s for drinkers and eaters, too. Celebrate!

[Image credit: DrinkTheDistrict.com]

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