Guinness Potato Chips, Haggis Pizza, Onomatopoeic Chocolates, and This Little Piggy Managed a Pork Restaurant

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Foodbeast
Image credit: Foodbeast

Britain’s Got Guinness-Flavored Chips

British potato chip purveyor Burts has created what just might be the next big bar snack (sorry, salted peanuts! We had a good run, though.) Thick-cut and cooked by hand, Burts’ Guinness-flavored chips come in “Original” and “Rich Beef Chilli” varieties. Almost as intriguing as a beer-flavored chip is how beef chili came to be the agreed-upon next best flavor association after the beer itself. I feel compelled now to accompany my next bowl of beef chili with a Guinness, if only to see whether I’ve been missing out on a winning combination for all these years. Now if only I could figure out what to drink with the chips…

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I See London I See Haggis Pizza

Hackney, London establishment Yard Sale Pizza is selling a haggis-topped pizza to celebrate the Scottish annual celebration known as Burns Night. In addition to the haggis, sourced from Scottish café Deeney’s, the pies also feature mozzarella cheese, black chilli jam, and cavolo nero (a tangy, loose-leafed Tuscan cabbage.) Knowing what’s in haggis, it makes me smile to imagine it as a pizza topping, though never having sampled it, I can’t decide whether I’d want to experience it in its natural state before or after trying it on pizza, since a fair case could be made for either. Oh well; thus begins my private preoccupation for the remainder of today.

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Japanese Chocolates Speak For Themselves

Onomatopoeia is a kind of word formation wherein the name of a word or action is created from a natural sound associated with it. French Design Show Maison et Objet will feature textural chocolates (Chocolatexture) created by artist Oki Sato to represent onomatopoeic Japanese words representing the look and feel of various physical objects. 400 sets of the beautifully-rendered chocolates will be sold at the event, which begins today in Paris, France. (Cue Onomatopeic hunger gurgling sounds.)

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That’ll Do, Mister Manager, That’ll Do

So, a pig gets appointed manager at a Japanese katsu restaurant…I’m serious. That’s not the setup to what might be the cruelest joke one can hear and still laugh at. Japanese corner shop Taboo is officially managed by a young, firm, succulent little piggy named Bao-kun. Not lacking for professionalism, Bao-kun appears comfortable sporting a bow tie while “working” (that is, taking photos with restaurant visitors and generally acting as the face of the establishment) and while he appears to be treated well and much beloved by patrons, I shudder to imagine what his eventual “retirement package” will entail. Here’s hoping a new menu item doesn’t end up coinciding with that fateful day (hopefully in the very, very distant future) when chairman Bao is relieved of his loyal duties after a long and fruitful restaurant industry career. Because the little guy is just too cute for me to want anything but the best for him in all his professional endeavors. Godspeed, Bao-kun. Godspeed.

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