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Our first giveaway contest of 2015 has arrived, and we’re excited to be offering up a New Orleans-flavored prize just in time for this year’s Mardi Gras. We’re doubly pleased to announce that this contest marks our first international giveaway! Oh, yeah. Tuesday, February 17th in the Crescent City will be a special kind of fat.

Part of what makes New Orleans, Louisiana one of my adopted hometowns is the wealth of horizon-broadening food and drink to be experienced there. Having enjoyed more wonderful meals and beverages during my travels there than I can count, I  can appreciate someone making an effort to help others to do the same, and it is upon that effort that this giveaway is based.

The prize this time is one Kindle eBook version of a work by novelist Steven Well Hicks, titled 25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants (& A Dozen Damned Good Places To Drink). And if anyone would know them, it’s this author.

A bit about the talented Mister Hicks, taken from his book bio:

Novelist Steven Wells Hicks (Destiny’s Anvil and The Gleaner) spent the past forty years driving down Interstate 55 from Mississippi in search of the best food and drink New Orleans has to offer. Along the way he not only took notes, he took names.

What started as irreverent reviews for friends and relatives grew into a widely followed blog site, and ultimately a series of five guidebooks that regularly found their way to the top of’s lists of best-selling books about dining in New Orleans.

For 2015, Hicks combed through his inventory of articles and observations and redacted them to the twenty-five restaurants and twelve saloons that would lead readers to the “definitive” New Orleans dining and drinking establishments.

Having enjoyed a recent look at this book, I found it to offer something to every type of eater seeking every type of dining. Its impressive range of information accomplishes the impressive feat of classifying profiled establishments into groups while managing to maintain a communal, familial among them. The result left me feeling that however different each restaurant’s merits, they are all consciously contributing to the same great and noble purpose (that of feeding visitors and locals alike, and feeding them well). Here’s how he breaks them down:

  • Classics – among them, an acclaimed dining institution that auctions seating and tables on its two busiest Fridays each year (the Fridays before Mardi Gras and Christmas) with proceeds going to charity.
  • Chef’s Specials – a nod toward restaurants rooted in Louisiana’s traditional culinary heritage that nonetheless serve up dishes eccentric creativity using fresh, locally-produced ingredients.
  • The Originators – restaurants that started it all with regard to certain dishes and remain open to this day.
  • Neighborhood Favorites – eateries with fiercely loyal followings, including one where the food is said to become “more aggressive at night” and another where the menu is best described as “Rounding up the usual suspects.”
  • Local Color – definitive city restaurants, one of them New Orleans’ second oldest, that defy categorization as ably as the city of New Orleans itself, through their talents for self-renewal and adaptation in an ever-changing world.

So whether you’re among the fortunate ones heading to Mardi Gras in a few days, or you’re planning a trip to New Orleans sometime later, enter our contest for the chance to let a free Amazon Kindle copy of this exciting eBook be your guide.

So, on to the whys and wherefores: This contest closes to entries on Thursday February 5th, 2015 at 11:59pm CST. One (1) randomly-selected winner will receive one (1) Amazon Kindle eBook of 25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants (& A Dozen Damned Good Places To Drink) by Steven Wells Hicks. Winner will be announced on on Sunday, February 7th, 2015. This contest is open to international entries. Wishing the best of luck to all entrants!

Submit your entries by either or both of the below-stated methods.
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Via email: Send  an email to FlavorfulWorld (at) food4u (dot) com with “New Orleans eBook” in the Subject line. Each email will count as one (1) entry. Multiple entries allowed.

Via Enter “NOLA Rocks” in the Comments section of this post before 11:59 p.m. CST February 5th, 2015. Each comment will count as one (1) entry. Multiple entries allowed.

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