Sipping Sustainability: Green Breweries and Wineries on the Rise

sippingsustainablyheaderIt’s no secret that breweries and wineries consume large quantities of water, raw materials, and natural resources. Likewise, the environmental impact of producing, packaging, and selling the 9.4 billion gallons of alcoholic beverages that American consume annually is something understood all too well. This is why more breweries and wineries are taking decisive action to reduce their industry’s environmental footprint. And while no beer or wine company is yet 100% sustainable, a growing number of eco-friendly enterprises are finding crucial ways to mitigate environmental damage. The infographic below was created by our friends and yours at Custom Made, and an accompanying article by author Abby Quillen shows some examples of steps being taken by alcohol producers with a mind toward taking care of our planet.


The piece goes on to offer up valuable assistance on understanding various eco-conscious terminology and what is meant by certain labeling claims we’ve all encountered. Quillen sheds detailed light on the requirements of green certifications and why they’re important, which wineries are currently making the greatest strides toward more environmentally responsible practices, and shares some enlightening tips on how to sip sustainably. You can check out Quillen’s entire article here, and even score some amazing wine racks made from reclaimed wood.

[All images courtesy of Custom Made]

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