Single Gourmands: Find Your Foodie Love With

Given that this is first and foremost a food and drinking blog, it might rightly seem odd at first to find mention here of a new online dating website. It bears noting here, though, because the site we’re discussing is unique among internet dating resources: a singles website created especially with food lovers in mind. is a new singles website created with the admirable mission of connecting singles across the United States from Abbeville to Zuni Pueblo, who share a common interest in eating and drinking. The website also includes recipes, food trend data, and dating tips to help get the conversations going among its members. To join, one simply completes a questionnaire related to their tastes in food, beverages, cooking, and dining out. Membership is free.

Proving that it will leave no matchmaking stone unturned, LuvAFoodie also recently launched a line of caramels available in Sea Salt or Raspberry flavors (presumably because candy is the best shareable edible of all time, especially between compatible souls with flirtation on their minds.) Singles who join between February 12th and 14th will receive a free LuvAFoodie wine stopper (presumably because wine is amazing, not unlike budding romance.)

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so now could be the time to meet some new dating prospects who share your passion for profiteroles as well as your aversion to aubergine. You’ve always believed they were out there. Now you know where to find them.

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