16 Comfort Food and Wine Pairings (to Enjoy While It Snows Ferociously)

Much of the U.S. is blanketed in snow today, with weather-induced shutdowns of many businesses and rapid transit systems in effect across the country. Seems like a good time to pull cork on a bottle of good wine and find a scenic window to sit beside while you tuck into a steaming bowl of your favorite dish and admire Jack Frost’s handiwork.

A recent Fix.com article by Kate Morin examines 16 comfort food favorites like chili, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies and mac & cheese, and runs down not only the best wine to pair with each, but details on why each selection suits the meal presented. While these pairings are certainly enjoyable at any time of year, there’s just something magical about staring out at a snowy landscape from inside a warm place where good food and drink abound. The infographic below is designed to help us seize the opportunity while it lasts.

Source: Fix.com

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