D.W. Alexander, a Place for Friends

DWAlexanderHow many times did you want to go out and have some fun, but you just didn’t know where is the best party that night? From modern-day point of view, we can distinguish three main types of clubs: pubs (usually good for mid-day to evening, a place for you to go and grab a beer or wine before the real party starts), lounges (from evening to late night) and discotheques (for all those who like to be on their feet until morning). Depending on the mood, each one of these can be the thing which you need that night. Perhaps the most flexible out of three are lounges. They enable you to stay almost as long as you want and you can choose either to drink a lot, or not at all. These are the places for friends to get together and enjoy mutual company. You can talk and dance, eat and drink and basically get the best value for money.

Among different choices in Toronto, one fits this description perfectly. D.W. Alexander manages to create an intimate and closed atmosphere while providing excellent fun and content. Worth mentioning is that this place has a solid menu to bode, so all of you who get munchies during the night can feel assured that your hunger will be satisfied. The menu is light, as expected, and provides nice choice of fish and cheese. One of the downsides is the fact that the prices are a bit steeper in comparison to other similar places. But, the quality of the food and cocktails is more than enough to compensate for the luxury.

Probably the best bar in Toronto D.W. Alexander is the place that primarily targets cocktail lovers. Although the choice of spirits and especially whiskey is exquisite, the way this lounge made its mark is by serving premium, mixed drinks. Most of them are made with good quality liquor, which logically translates into a high quality cocktail. The experience and expertise of the baristas is playing a crucial role in making these drinks the way they are. Cocktail masters prefer a lot of lemon juice, therefore some of the cocktails have sour base. The house cocktails are quite innovative, incorporating 5 to 6 different ingredients on average. Even with such diversity, experts of their craft manage to blend all of these unusual parts to create perfect cocktails for everyone.

There is nothing better than enjoying your free time surrounded by people you love and care about. Nowadays it is hard to find a spot to call your own, a place where you can feel at peace while surrounded by strangers. In a crazy town like Toronto, it is a real treat finding a spot where you will be in the center of action, yet still secluded from it in a manner of speaking. Next time when you decide that you need a break, a place to have a drink and still not be blown away by the noise, you just might try D.W. Alexander. We hope you will like it.

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