Vote for Your Favorite Edible Cover, Recipe, Sustainability Story and More

eddys2015“We eat with our eyes first.”

Food lovers have all heard that one before, right?

Well, the assertion having come to border on cliché doesn’t make it any less true, and this is a fact well-known to the publishers of the more than 85 independent local food magazines of Edible Communities. Known for the artful, vibrant food imagery of its covers, Edible is putting the power in all of our hands with regard to its 2015 Reader’s Choice EDDY Awards. The EDDYs recognizes and celebrates editorial excellence among Edible Communities publishers from photography to food writing and more, covering over 80 culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada. And Edible wants your help choosing its Best Cover of the Year.

Best Cover. Best Seasonal Recipe. Best Drink Artisan Feature. Best Recipe Photography. These are just a few of the award categories in which a panel of over 50 distinguished judges that includes chefs, activists, farmers and other food world professionals has selected finalists. 2 winners will be chosen per category, eligible to win one or both of a Critic’s Choice and a Reader’s Choice award (this excludes the Best Special Issue category, in which a single winner will be named as the Critic’s Choice.)

Through March 15th, 2015, you can make your voice heard by voting daily at for the finalists you deem most deserving. Think of it as your chance to make a hard-working food professional as happy as their work makes our eyes and stomachs.

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