Product Review: Bettasnax Biscotti Chips

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Image credit: Anthony Beal

Available in three flavor varieties, Bettasnax Biscotti Chips offer much to a health-conscious snacker. The chips contain no preservatives, no cholesterol or added fats, and are low in calories. I was invited to sample all three of Bettasnax’s offerings, receiving a sample each of the flavors Original, Fruit & Nut, and S’Mores.

The chips are as crunchy as one would expect of a biscotti chip, and perfectly-sized for dredging through yogurt, peanut butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, applesauce, or any number of foods suited to breakfast, lunch, or between-meal indulgence. As for the individual flavors and their merits, I am perhaps a purist at heart when it comes to crunchy bite-sized foods, as I enjoyed the Original flavor the most of the three. Its unembellished flavor serves just enough sugar to complement other spices present, but avoids veering into overt cookie-sweetness.

I’ll admit that the S’Mores chips didn’t rep the coveted campfire snacks as loudly as I’d have hoped, but they are tasty nonetheless and perhaps the most visually compelling chip. Chocolate is this variety’s dominant flavor (as perhaps it should be, given that its popularity makes it a rarely unwelcome presence in fun foods), however I’d have liked to see more harmony between it and the comparatively muted suggestions of marshmallow and graham cracker that made me work a bit to find them.

The Fruit & Nut chips, studded with dried cranberries, apricots, and roasted pistachios, are also immediately attractive to the eye, and presented the most interesting texture of the three. The sweet chewiness of baked-in dried fruit interspersing with the chips’ natural crispness make these as well-suited to eating alone as to piling them with other, complementary food items, or using them to scoop up the same.

Each flavor variety of Bettasnax Biscotti Chips brought a pleasant tasting experience to the table that was made more pleasant by the guiltless (from a nutritional vantage point) nature of the snack. Biscotti lovers or those looking to trade up from the same old flavorless low-calorie snacks will no doubt enjoy tasting them as much as I did.

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