Blend These Spices and Take Your Taste Buds Around the World

Image credit: Nerd Fitness
Image credit: Nerd Fitness

So maybe you find yourself at home and hungry. It’s not for lack of food; you’ve got plenty of meal staples snug inside your pantry or refrigerator. But maybe you’re not the best at working with spices, and maybe that secret shame has kept you from being so adventurous in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve always found it a bit daunting, or maybe you’ve had a long day, and at the end of it, you just don’t feel like having to figure out what seasoning combination will really send your taste buds into the stratosphere. Maybe you’re not even sure what style of food you’re in the mood for (I know that’s a lot of maybes, but there’s a point to it all, I promise.)

Anyway, if even one of those maybes applies to you, then take comfort in knowing that you have benefactors at the online crossroads of health and nerdery (affectionately stated) that is The graphic above, which I found at the site in a post by NF Rebel Chef Noel is the ultimate quick-reference guide to spice combos that will make your food’s flavors pop and inspire raves from anyone lucky enough to share the meal with you. Spanning multiple cuisine styles and each measured for 1 lb. of food, the blends use the likes of fresh fruit juices, rice vinegar, and diced tomatoes, as well as bold, fragrant dry herbs and spices like cumin, coriander, and chili powder. Your cooking acumen is about to level up.

Read NF Rebel Chef Noel’s entire post here, and find instructions for a bonus Thai blend along with suggestions for foods best-suited to each spice combination.

[All images courtesy of Nerd Fitness]

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