Friday Fourplay: Yogurt-Flavored Water, Salted Caramel Brownie Ale, Space Station Espresso, and Melted Ice Cream Art

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Yogurt-Flavored Water. Yes, Seriously

Purveyor of fine Japanese whisky Suntory has created a line of bottled water tasting of yogurt. The beverage, made with sour whey from Hokkaido, remains clear but is said to carry the unmistakable flavor of yogurt. The product, called Minami Alps Tennensui & Yogurina might not be altogether free of calories, but packs more minerals than standard bottled water, even bringing some amino acids to the table. With few places for bottled water to go anymore in terms of innovation and new ideas, infusing the industry with a bit of culture can only be a good thing, right? Not unlike yogurt-laced punnery, one imagines.

Via RocketNews24

Image credit: New Belgium Brewing
Image credit: New Belgium Brewing

Drink Yo’ Brownies

Ice cream titan Ben & Jerry’s is working on a beer that tastes like salted caramel brownies. Containing 6.3% abv, Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale is coming thanks to B & J’s collaboration with New Belgium Brewing. Their joint effort will benefit Protect Our Winters, an environmental collective founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, that works to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on mountains. Sounds like the perfect brew to wash down on of Ben & Jerry’s other innovations, the Ice Cream Burrito (or “Brrr-ito” if we simply must.)

Via Design Taxi

Image credit: Fabrizio Esposito/Argotec/LaVazza
Image credit: Fabrizio Esposito/Argotec/LaVazza

Some People Call It The “Spacespresso”

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station can now enjoy up to 3 pouches of instant espresso per day in zero gravity, courtesy of Italian aerospace firm Argotec and Italian coffee company Lavazza. An experimental espresso-making machine called the ISSpresso (that’s I.S.S. as in International Space Station) has arrived at the station to claim the title of “first espresso machine in space”. It’s about the size of a microwave and is said to create a pretty decent coffee, although its offering also said to be no substitute for freshly-brewed espresso. Either way, missed opportunity, Starbucks. It’s a space station, and you’ve got “star” right there in your name. Oh well. Moving on…

Via NPR The Salt

Image credit: Michael Massaia

Stop the World, Melt With These

The artist’s name is Michael Massaia, and his photography exhibit series, “Transmogrify”, features long exposure captures of melting ice cream. And while such an exhibit may conjure unpleasant adolescent memoriess of dropped ice cream melting across sidewalks under an uncaring summer sun (the artist states in the interview linked below that in choosing his subjects, he was “searching for an object that could, all at once, be an analogue for” his childhood experience), the swirling of colors as different flavors run together bears a visually-compelling quality that makes them hard to look away from. So grab a bowl of properly frozen ice cream, and check out somee pictures of frozen treats gone too soon.

Via HuffPost Arts & Culture

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