Jawbreaker, Meet Red-Hot Nickel Ball

So here’s a good example of what happens when you bring a jawbreaker to a red-hot nickel ball fight (pay attention to those underlined letters; they’ll be important later). Or perhaps of what happens when an un(Gob)stoppable force meets an uncoolable object. We don’t know. All that’s certain is that today, being 4/20 and all, seems like the perfect occasion to share this video by YouTube user CarsAndWater. The video above does not mark the first time this user has dropped the ol’ RHNB (See? Told you these letters would come back into play!) in an unusual and unfamiliar setting like a character in your typical 1980’s fish-out-of-water buddy cop movie, and we hope and pray it does not mark the last.

None can say the jawbreaker failed to put forth a valiant effort upon having an incandescent ball of nickel laid upon it. Surely, some of you rooted as much as I did for the candy to withstand the attack. Perhaps you even sent up a cheer anytime it seemed to throw off its aggressor in an act of conscious refusal to go quietly into that good night. But in the end, the laws of heat would prevail as they should and as they must. Still, multiple viewings of this video enjoyed while surrounded by an assortment of finger foods, caffeinated beverages, and perhaps copious amounts of something green, (’cause Earth Day is coming, of course) don’t seem like the worst way to spend one’s April 20th.


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