Wine Review: The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay 2013

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Image credit: The Dreaming Tree Wines
Image credit: The Dreaming Tree Wines

Not long ago, I shared an infographic on the growing number of breweries and wineries taking steps to implement more sustainable and eco-conscious production practices. My enduring interest in all things wine-related is another topic on which I’ve posted at length. With tomorrow being Earth Day 2015, the timing could not be better for a post featuring the convergence of these two subjects.

Wine, on one hand, is delicious when rendered with patience and respect for the multifaceted nature of its production. Our planet, on the other, is where I keep all my stuff, so I tend to feel more than idly invested in its preservation, and wholeheartedly supportive whenever industry takes an interest in the same. Bearing that in mind, when I was given the recent chance to sample two offerings from a line of sustainable, eco-friendly wines, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

The Dreaming Tree Wines is a California-based collection, the result of collaboration between world-renowned musician Dave Matthews and celebrated Sonoma County winemaking veteran Steve Reeder. For this review, I received a sample of Central Coast white wine The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay 2013, and one of The Dreaming Tree Crush 2012, a red wine from the North Coast that I’ll discuss in a separate review tomorrow.

The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay 2013 has a straw-colored clarity that calls to mind leisure time enjoyed beneath sunny skies. When swirled, it gives up a chorus line’s worth of quick, thick legs. Its aromatics serve up fresh fruits piled upon a slab of oak, with generous tropical and citrus notes like pineapple, orange, and honeydew that practically sing with enthusiasm. These elements don’t just carry over onto the palate; they cavort there, joined by juicy peach and golden apple flavors that seem to enjoy their part in this experience as much as I do.

This is a round, faithful example of a central California coast chardonnay. Unobtrusive acidity and a medium-full body makes it easy to drink by itself or enjoy with foods like roasted poultry, pork, or veal, grilled shellfish, or steamed Asian dumplings, preferably with sand or dewy grass between one’s toes. Its finish is long like the California coast that spawned it, and makes for as pleasant a stroll.

As for its friendliness toward the environment, The Dreaming Tree’s wine bottles feature cork closures that are natural and recyclable, as well as labels made with 100% recycled kraft brown paper. Sold in bottles that are a quarter pound lighter than average wine bottles (thus reducing greenhouse emissions and transport costs), this is a collection of wines well-suited to Earth Day entertaining.

Tomorrow, I will discuss The Dreaming Tree Crush 2012.

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