Space Beer, Chocolate Boobs, Finger Limes, and the Beer Tooth Implant

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Ninkasi Brewing Company
Image credit: Ninkasi Brewing Company

Beer In Space

Ninkasi Brewing Company’s decision makers had an idea not long ago: send some yeast into space, and then assuming that it survives its spacewalk and its return to Earth, use said yeast to brew beer. Yeast being a touchy, not-at-all-difficult-to-kill-right-here-on-Earth organism, the idea was daring to say the least. After a first failed mission, a second, successful launch has resulted in a batch of limited-edition beer called Ground Control. Pardon me for a moment as I set to the task of avoiding, at great personal sacrifice, the nigh overpowering urge to describe this brew, flavored with cacao nibs, star anise, and hazelnuts, as sounding “Out of this world”…

…Although I’ll admit that trying it sounds like quite a blast (off!)

Via The Telegraph

Image credit: Shanley Farms
Image credit: Shanley Farms

Citrus Caviar

The Australian Finger Lime’s claim to fame is the way its internal structure differs from more familiar citrus fruits. Rather than the fleshy, lobe-like segments offered up by oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, the finger lime houses lots of tiny pebble-like juice vesicles that resemble caviar. Deep pink beneath its dark green hide and almost granular in appearance, the fruit’s tiny pearls burst with sweet freshness that makes them sound like something that needs to find its way into the Flavorful World kitchen very soon. And given that this fruit, once confined to Australia, is now being produced in the United States out of California, that’s looking more and more like a delicious possibility.

Via Yahoo! Food

Image credit:
Image credit: Titses

The Breast Kind of Candy

So, Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Maxim Ali have created a candy bar called Titses, specifically intended to draw more males to eating chocolate. The best way, they seemed to find, of doing this, was by molding the milk chocolate candy bars in a way that presents a pair of chocolate female breasts atop each section of the bar. Can’t say I fully understand why chocolate of all foods should need advocates enticing anyone into eating it. Because it’s !%@# chocolate! People love chocolate. Men are people. Therefore men love chocolate as well. But, y’know…boobs, I suppose (‘cause men sure do like those too). Juvenile though these may seem at first glance, these bars (available in sizes from Small to Extra-Large for that added touch of realism, no doubt) perhaps shouldn’t be considered any worse than the chocolate anuses we found you a couple years ago, or the candy penises (no, I’m not providing a link to those) that have provided much joke fodder to bachelorette parties since time and candy began. When it comes to feeding your sweet tooth, I suppose there’s no such thing as too many options. And speaking of teeth…

Via Lost At E Minor

I Hear They Really, REALLY Like Beer

Image credit: Salta
Image credit: Salta

I’ve read this five times. I’ve followed the chain of links as the story passed from one website to the next. I’ve watched the videos, and so far, try as I might, I can’t find anything obvious to suggest that this story is a joke or a hoax. That’s not to say I’ve never been fooled or that I might not be again in the future, but for the moment, it looks like a handful of athletes in Argentina have actually had one of their teeth—their teeth!—replaced with an honest-to-goodness beer bottle opener. Brainchild of Salta Beer and ad agency Ogilvy Argentina, the beer teeth were installed in the mouths of rugby players (a sport more likely than most to cost a player some teeth) for the purpose of marketing. And the accompanying videos describing the process of their installation don’t creep me out at all. No sir.

Via Foodiggity

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