Product Review: Tessemae’s All Natural Dressings

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.20150426_110213(1)

With the season of grilling and barbecues upon us, my being approached to review this product could not have come at a better time. Reviewing Tessemae’s All Natural Dressings not only gave me reason to fire up the grill for the first time this season, but also introduced us to a line of all-natural dressings that wears many hats with regard to how it can be used.

For this review, I received samples of Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic, Green Goddess, Lemon Chesapeake, Soy Ginger, and Balsamic dressings, as well as its Ketchup, Honey Mustard, and Matty’s BBQ Sauce. The dressings do a better than average job of pulling multiple duty; more than dressings, each is labeled as also being suitable for use as a dip as well as a marinade. They meet these with varying levels of success depending on the food with which they get paired, however this I suppose is true of most products of this nature.

The Lemon Chesapeake, as one example, really brought grilled salmon to life when used as a marinade prior to cooking, and brought more than sufficient flavor enhancement to a dish of white albacore tuna salad. The Green Goddess did the same for cubed beef, but didn’t add as great an herbal tang to a chickpea salad as I’d hoped. The Balsamic made a good dressing for green, leafy salad by itself, as well as mixed with a bit of honey mustard. The Soy Ginger dressing, while leading heavily with soy and somewhat less so with ginger, made a passable marinade for baby carrot stir-fry, while drizzling a bit more over the vegetables after cooking was a perfect finishing move. The Lemon Garlic dressing, used to grill fresh broccoli florets resulted in what Mrs. Flavorful World called the best broccoli I’ve ever made.

20150426_110941Tessemae’s Ketchup makes use of ingredients like organic dates and lemon juice to create bold flavor that lends layers of complexity to food that ordinary ketchup does not. Matty’s BBQ Sauce also utilizes date puree, along with organic mustard seeds, organic turmeric, and more to create a savory sauce that brings the heat. The Honey Mustard achieves a pleasant balance between its sweet flavor elements and its more piquant ones, making it my favorite of the three.

Tessemae’s All Natural dressings are flavor-packed and fun to use in dishes both hot and cold, and lend themselves to a variety of applications from marinating meats and seafood, to dipping raw or cooked vegetables, to stirring into sauces and cold salads. Learn more about Tessemae’s products at

Images: Anthony Beal

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