Friday Fourplay: Japan’s Pikachu Ramen, Israel’s Instagram-Ready Plates, Britain’s Royal Baby Ice Cream, and Pakistan’s “Choclatomy”

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Pikachu Ramen, I Choose You!

Combining the enduring popularity of Pokemon with that of colorful stickers would be a smart move by anyone with a product to sell. Combining those two with instant ramen’s appeal to young people, gamers, and anyone else who grooves on hot, easily-prepared noodles might be genius. Maybe that’s why images of de facto spokes-Pokemon Pikachu are currently gracing the packaging on two flavors—take your pick of soy broth or seafood—of instant ramen cups that went on sale in Yokohama last month. That could also be why included inside each cup is a Pikachu sticker (part of a 10-sticker series, natch). If that’s not enough Pikachu for you, the seafood flavor includes, in addition to the typical green onion and corn, thin slices of kamaboko adorned with Pikachu’s happy face. The person who could be glum with Pikachu on their tongue is a person I simply do not understand.

Via RocketNews24

Image credit: Carmel Winery
Image credit: Carmel Winery

Ready For Their Close-Up and Your Dinner

Israel’s Carmel Winery is partnering with Tel Aviv restaurant Catit to make your meals look prettier on Instagram. In an experience called Foodography (that can yours for a paltry $155 per hour), specific fare, served on dishes crafted by ceramic design artist Adi Nissani, is being made available on certain nights. The dishware is said to be designed with the singular purpose of enhancing and encouraging food photography. Novices can get in on workshops with a top food photographer to help them make their meals as photogenic as can be. The winery encourages diners to use hashtag #fdgr when sharing pictures of good things they’ve eaten there. A fun way to eat memories that will last a lifetime. or at least until your next restaurant outing.

Via Buzzfeed Life

Image credit: The Licktators

So What’s This Breast Milk Ice Cream About, Then?

British ice cream makers The Licktators have created an ice cream in honor of the recent historic birth of the royal princess. Released just ahead of her  arrival, “Royal Baby Gaga” features human breastfeeding activist (or “lactivist”) breast milk as an ingredient is packaged in pink or blue packaging, with proceeds from all sales going to a breastfeeding charity. They also released their recipe to create one’s own (should the idea of consuming a stranger’s breast milk, despite its sweetening with Madagascar vanilla, not sit well with some).

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Image credit: Asma Javeri

Body Chocolates

Karachi-based graphic designer/illustrator Asma Javeri wants to get some chocolate into your body. She combines chocolates with her detailed human anatomical sketches in an art experience called Chocolatomy. The resulting gallery of shattered wafer digits and truffle organs is worth checking out not only for the staggering detail this artist renders, but for photos of your favorite candies contributing to education. Lovers of chocolate and learning who aren’t already following her on Instagram certainly ought to be, so head on over and get to know your bodies, yourselves.

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