That’s the Signpost Up Ahead – Your Next Stop, The Restaurant Zone!

RZ2Restaurants are an $8 billion a year industry that employs more than 14 million people while creating jobs and stimulating local economies. With this in mind, a new company is bridging the often troublesome gap between restaurants and technology. Founded by Matthew Rodgers and Kenny Benavides, tech-start up The Restaurant Zone is dedicated to meeting the needs of an ever-evolving restaurant industry.

The site serves as a hub for jobs seekers within the field, while also focusing on promoting specialized advertisements for restaurants, restaurant jobs, equipment, property, software, events, resumes, etc. This self-described “Craigslist” of the restaurant industry is free for restaurant industry job seekers and very affordable for employers and recruiters seeking restaurant staff. Its aim is helping dining establishment owners, operators, and workers with logistics like acquiring supplies, staffing solutions, or potential commercial real estate space, as well as developing innovative online advertisement solutions.

Seeking a job in the restaurant industry? Own an establishment in need of employees, kitchen equipment, or any of the other thousand things it takes to rum a successful establishment? There’s a place you can go.

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