Japan Bathes in Ramen, Disney’s Indiana Jones Bar, “Cubist” Food Art, and K-Cup Cannabis Coffee

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Image credit: Facebook/HappyPeopleHappy
Image credit: Facebook/HappyPeopleHappy

Ramen Bath

Having joked more than once about wishing I could bathe in foods that I have found to be exceptionally delicious, here is a concept to which I can relate more than one might think. Granted, the ramen noodle baths being offered by Yunessan Spa House in Hakone Japan are not prepared with the intention of satiating hunger. But they are an indulgence currently being enjoyed by droves of people for their perceived benefits of helping to maintain youthful-looking skin (thank the collagen present in the pork broth) and increasing metabolism. This seems like an experience worth trying if only once, and if only for the added (unconfirmed, though a guy can hope) bonus of taking one early in the morning and then going through the remainder of my day smelling like hot ramen noodles.

Via First We Feast

Image credit: FoodBeast
Image credit: FoodBeast

Food. Cubed.

A Dutch morning newspaper recently got some art in its food (or food in its art, depending on one’s point of view) courtesy of artistic duo Lernert & Sander. The artistic pair used 98 raw foods to create a strikingly beautiful work as promotion visual for an upcoming food documentary. Each 2.5-centimeter cube is composed of an unprocessed food item in a cast of characters that runs the gamut from fish to fruits and veggies. Might we be looking at the ultimate hors d’oeuvre offering? Perhaps. Or maybe I’m just hungry. Either way, I could stare at this masterpiece all day.

Via Foodbeast

Image credit: IndianaJones.com
Image credit: IndianaJones.com

Cover Your Heart! (Then Get ta Drinkin’…)

Indiana Jones Bar! Indiana Jones Bar! Indiana Jones %&@$ Bar!

(Ahem) Apologies…what I meant to say was…Orlando, Florida’s Downtown Disney is getting an Indiana Jones-themed bar.

Named for Indy’s well-known frenemy, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, will feature décor that recalls–you guessed it–the look and feel of an airplane hangar, complete with plane propeller ceiling fans. Add to this a dry-docked steamboat serving as its patio and a themed menu of small plate items, and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar stands a better than average chance of being pretty awesome and drawing a fun crowd when it opens this Fall. The sole thing I can think of that would improve this chance even further would be for it designers to devise a way to utilize massive, strategically-placed boulders to clear the tables after each meal. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Via Eater

Image credit: HouseOfJane.com
Image credit: HouseOfJane.com

K is for “Khronic.” That’s Good Enough For Me

So, okay, fine. Marijuana-laced coffee is not itself all that new to the world. Somewhat new however, is that its ongoing evolution has wrought a cannabis coffee K-cup sold by House of Jane in California. Each pod of coffee, available in medium or dark roast, Mocha, or French Roast decaf varieties, contains 20 – 120 mg of THC. Priced by dosage and available in Indica/Sativa, Hybrid, and High CBD strains, they can be used in all Keurig style brewers, including Keurig 2.0 (after slight mods for which instructions are also provided to purchasers). I trust that I speak for more than a few people reading this when I say, “Oh, the brownie pairing possibilities…”

Via Thrillist

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