Product Review: Fruttata Crisps

FruttataAs I continue, despite my best efforts, to age, a healthful snack that tastes great is always a welcome addition to the Flavorful World kitchen. Fruttata Crisps, a recent and much-appreciated find, are made from fresh tropical fruits and pack only 35 calories per serving. When I was approached for a review, I was more than happy for the chance to sample a product that promised great flavor with little to feel guilty about. For the purpose of this review, I received samples of Fruttata Pineapple Crisps and Fruttata Tropical Crisps.

Fruttata’s pineapple variety is fresh-tasting, seeming somehow juicy— and even more bafflingly, airy —despite being freeze-dried. The pieces are firm, yet soft with slight give when bitten that portends a pleasant chewiness.

Freeze-dried chunks of banana, mango, and pineapple comprise Fruttata’s tropical blend. Here, the fruit pieces are larger and crisper than the pineapple variety.  A 1 oz. serving of its generously-sized cubes and wedges proved to be more filling than I expected, a desired trait of any snack-sized food in an age where serving sizes are quietly getting smaller.

Fruttata crisps are packed with flavor and nutrients preserved by dehydration. They make a good and easily transportable bite for between meals, between board meetings, or midnight snacking. This is a product that I look forward with enthusiasm to encountering again.

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