Animated Superhero Pancakes, Ant-Flavored Gin, Lobster-Stuffed Doughnuts, and Gender-Detecting Beer Ads

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

If This Pancake Can’t Protect the Earth, You Can Be Damn Sure It’ll Avenge It

I can’t decide whether I want to be best friends with pancake art maestro Nathan Shields of Saipancakes or not. On the one hand, his skills in the visually-striking pancake-making arena are unlike anything I’ve ever seen (in seriousness, I’m not at all sure the guy’s not a warlock, or something.) On the other, is the friendship worth feeling perpetually outclassed in my own kitchen when it comes to painting hot skillets with batter? Sure, there’d always be ample maple syrup on hand in which to drown and consume my feelings of inadequacy, but then I’d have to start hitting the gym harder to stave off the inevitable weight gain, which would leave me less family time at home, and so on. Oh, decisions, decisions…nothing to do about it for now except for me to watch this video a couple dozen more times while I ruminate on the matter at length. [Video courtesy of Nathan Shields’ YouTube channel]

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Image credit: Anty Gin
Image credit: Anty Gin

Wonder If It’s Got Good Legs

Cambridge Distillery has created a world first: a gin flavored with red wood ants. Each bottle of Anty Gin, created by professional forager Miles Irving, is said to preserve the “essence” of 62 of the little critters, said to have been chosen for their citrus flavor. Yep. A wide array of botanicals also flavors this blend, currently selling for 200 per bottle. Punny titles and hefty price tags aside, what we’re looking at here is a 99-bottle-run liquor nearly a year in the making. So would I, if offered an opportunity give it a taste? In an ant-laced heartbeat, I would. Though I would do so hoping for Scott Lang never to find out about it.

Via The Telegraph

Image credit: Kane's Hamdmade Doughnuts
Image credit: Kane’s Hamdmade Doughnuts

When Kane’s Says “Lobster”, You Say “Doughnut”…

Kane’s Handmade Doughnuts operates out of two locations in Boston, Massachusetts, presumably under the assumption that stuffing virtually anything with buttery lobster places one on the path to good eating. The notion’s not wrong. The bakery has debuted a savory lobster salad-stuffed doughnut that it’s calling the Dowich. It uses brioche-style dough to accomplish this, and with this latest addition to its savory doughnut arsenal, may be on the verge of jump-starting a new trend in doughnut hybrids, leading everyone to finally forget about that other doughnut chimera that shall not be named. You know the one.

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Image credit: Astra/YouTube
Image credit: Astra/YouTube

Quit Eyeballin’ My Wife, Bill(board)

So, a few weeks ago, we brought you news of a line of chocolates marketed specifically to men. Well, thanks to a creative bit of digital development by ad agency Philipp und Keuntje, German beer brand Astra has a new series of interactive billboards that only markets to women. Designed with a facial recognition camera and preloaded with over 70 funny short video segments, the billboard can differentiate between male and female passersby, advertising Astra beer only when it recognizes a female face. The billboard summarily dismisses men (which in a perfect world, would lead to some harmless chuckles, rather than to an unwarranted level of scathing faux outrage that we all know deep down will more than likely arrive soon enough), going so far as to tell my ilk to go away. Anyone worried about the ads marketing to girls below Germany’s legal drinking age can rest easy. The ad will also remind too-youthful-looking observers that beer is for grown-ups. So, it’s at least good to know that this billboard will exercise good and responsible judgment as it’s flirting with my wife, trying to get her drunk. And honestly, should we ask any less of our billboards?


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