Chilean Beer Brewed From Fog, Hong Kong’s Pizza Box Movie Projector, Gummy LEGOs, and a $1300 Taco Purse

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Atrapaniebla
Image credit: Cerveza Atrapaniebla

Is There Fog in My Beer, or Beer in the Fog?

Chilean beer brewers in the Atacama desert have devised a means of capturing the moisture from fog (virtually all the moisture there is to be found, given the region’s nearly non-existent annual rainfall) in the atmosphere and utilizing it to create beer. They’re thus far used this method to brew a medium-complex Scottish amber ale with hints of caramel, salt, and toast, to the tune of 24,000 liters per year. Not bad numbers, all things (and water sources) considered.

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Image credit: Ogilvy & Mather HK
Image credit: Ogilvy & Mather HK

Some ‘za and a Movie, 21st Century-Style

Pizza just may be nature’s perfect movie-viewing food. Or movie-viewing could be the perfect activity to complement the devouring of a really great pizza. I don’t know; depends on your point of view, I guess. Movie theater pizza however has, at least in my personal experience, left lots to be desired in terms of flavor and overall quality. Pizza Hut Hong Kong has created an elegant method of combining the two. For a limited time, it is selling its pizzas in boxes that easily convert into movie projectors. Each of these “Blockbuster Boxes” is designed with a perforated punch-out hole in one side, and sold with a lens through which to focus your portable movie-viewing device, smartphone, etc. You simply scan a code printed on the box (for a download of exclusive content in one of four movie genres), place your device inside, and enjoy the enlarged view projected on the surface of your choosing. Sadly, those of us outside Hong Kong can only dream of such things, because this box is available only there as of this writing, making it the coolest, cruelest thing to happen to pizza since bacon-wrapped crust.

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Make ’em. Try ’em. Build ’em Into Edible Castles With Your Friends…

Gummy LEGO bricks? In different colors and flavors? Made in your own kitchen? And they’re functional? Certainly. The above video, made by YouTube user Grant Thompson—self-proclaimed “King of Random”—not only cements his royal status as such (stated with affection), but also shows us step-by-step how to create the sweet, stackable treats.  Good luck getting the kids (or the adults, for that matter) to avoid playing with food this interactive. [Video courtesy of YouTube channel of Grant Thompson,”The King of Random”]

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How Much Extra For A Side of Guac With That?

So,you’re looking for that perfect accessory to complement that corn salsa-printed minidress you got drunk and bought online last month. You’ve looked everywhere, but nothing has that certain something you’re after. Then you learn of a Swarovski crystal-dotted clutch purse that’s fashioned after a taco. It’s made Charlotte Olympia. It’s constructed of suede and raffia, and decorated with embroided silk organza. And it looks exactly like a delicious taco. You then learn than rather than parting with its full $1295 price tag, you can score one for a cool $647.50 (that’s 50% off, y’all). Oh, snap! You’d jump at the chance to own it, wouldn’t you? Well, you can race on over to right now and do that very thing. Or, y’know…if you’re  just mildly curious and want a better look at the thing, you can still go check it out.

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