Boston’s Expired-Food Market, The ‘Bronut’, The Coffee Bean Excreta Dessert, and a London ‘Audio-Gustatory Feast’

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Daily Table
Image credit: Daily Table

These Groceries Are Past Their Prime and Feelin’ Fine

Daily Table is a newcomer to the Boston supermarket scene. Brainchild of Doug Rauch (former Trader Joe’s prez), the market is notable for the plethora of expired and past-expiration-date food items stocking its shelves. it’s an interesting idea aimed at helping underserved populations and reducing the amount of perfectly edible food that goes into landfills each year despite being past what’s traditionally considered “prime” status. By now, it’s common knowledge, after all, that many food items are safe for consumption weeks past their suggested date of expiration. That didn’t stop people from balking at the initial notion of a market dedicated to selling “old” items, but the prices now seem to be attracting enough people to garner further interest. When was the last time you bought a dozen eggs for 99 cents? Yeah, me neither; but now, we could if we were so inclined. And weren’t slaves to past due dates. Dream with me…

Via Grub Street

Image credit: Mariebette Café and Bakery
Image credit: MarieBette Café and Bakery

I Can Hear the ‘Bronutmance’ Jokes Now…

So, it’s properly called the Brioche Feuilletee, and I wanna be its best friend. There. I said it. On National Doughnut Day, I said it.

Why, you ask? Well, maybe because it’s a pastry made of brioche feuilletée and daubed with sugar. But definitely Or maybe because all signs point to the dawning of a dessert pastry/doughnut hybrid being able to finally take the ‘Cronut’ down a much-needed peg. I can’t take credit for christening it the “Bronut” however; those laurels are due a website called Charlottesville 29. You can find my soon-to-be BPBF (Best Pastry Bronutmance Forever) at MarieBette Café and Bakery in Charlottesville, Virginia. You might find me there too, and if you do, and my face is covered with sugar and crumbs, I’ll ask only this: Don’t judge me.

Via Thrillist

Image credit: On Air Dining
Image credit: On Air Dining

The Coffee Beans’ Wild Ride

The ‘Kopi Luwak Coffee Coconut Gold Dessert’ is an exclusive offering created by UK private jet catering company On Air Dining. Aside from its price tag, (it sells for as much as £600,) its claim to fame is the fact that a major ingredient is civet coffee beans (the world’s most expensive) that get eaten, digested, and excreted by civet cats in Indonesia. The £600 price includes a serving of petit fours, with some civet coffee for drinking. The desert by itself costs £360. Having first heard of cat poop coffee a couple of years ago (but never having tasted it, a thing I’m undecided on how to feel about) I was nonetheless surprised by this one, as it serves, if nothing else, as empirical proof that phrases like “This is some shitty (insert less-than-impressive food or drink item of your choice)” doesn’t always have to connote negativity. It’s all about context, people.

Via The Telegraph

Image credit: Nick Clark /The Independent
Image credit: Nick Clark /The Independent

Sonic Seasoning. Because Bompas and Parr, That’s Why

The food-related antics of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have made the duo well-known and trusted enough in their field that their every new endeavor leaves me doubtful that they’ve anything left to surprise me with, yet they always manage to do so. This time around, it’s a recent “audio-gustatory feast” thrown by the two creative talents (in partnership with Sony). Because “a dish can be made up to 10 per cent sweeter or 10 per cent more bitter if it is accompanied by the right music” according to an Oxford University experimental psychologist, Bompas and Parr recently took over a trendy London pub to test that assertion. Courses included a “sonic cleanse” serving up sound from the full 20Hz to 20kHz range of human hearing, a deconstructed trifle accompanied by a high frequency pop-inspired soundscape, and a lot more. Not the worst way to get an earful as well as a mouthful.

Via The Independent

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