Jam-Filled Sausage, A Knife That Toasts As It Slices, ‘Grilled Cheese By Mail’, and a Super Mario Bros. Café

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Dausage Kickstarter
Image credit: Dausage Kickstarter

Jammy Links

The Dausage (so-named for owing its physical concept to the crossing of “doughnut” and “sausage”) is a pork sausage filled with strawberry jam. Maybe its creation was an intended means of making breakfast more efficient (because who among us has the time and knife-handling acumen to be smearing jam on the outsides of food items nowadays? Slackers, that’s who!) Or maybe it was simply the game-winning maneuver in a rousing game of “Can you Top This?” that went off the rails shortly afterward. At any rate, if you’re in the UK, it soon could be headed to a supermarket near you if its Kickstarter reaches its goal. And hopefully, eventually, one near me. Because although I’ve done my share of eye-rolling at recent new food hybrids, I’m all over this idea.

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THAT’S a Knife…

Okay, go on. Get all the lightsaber knife jokes out of your system. I did. You deserve the same courtesy, so have at it…

We good? Okay. So, inventor Colin Furze has created a bread knife (via a method that involves running an electrical current through a saw blade until it turns red-hot) that toasts the bread as it slices it. Sure, the typical result of using it appears to be a slice of bread that’s a bit dark around the outer edges and toasted on only one side (presumably unless you cut a second piece from the same side of the same loaf) but it’s still a cool concept that’s dripping with obvious promise. And butter, one hopes. Lots of melted sweet cream butter. [Video courtesy of ColinFurze’s YouTube channel]

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Image credit: CheesePosties.com
Image credit: CheesePosties.com

Postal Toasty Treats

Surely having the option of being able to summon a grilled cheese sandwich to one’s very doorstep would not so long ago have been the exclusive privilege of nobles and monarchs. Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection will soon be able to enjoy that same benefit. Sort of. Cheese Posties is a UK company that wants to deliver you all the components of a grilled cheese sandwich (various breads, cheeses, and condiments) on a weekly basis. Subscribers will still have to construct and toast the things, though, but hey, mailbox sandwich fixin’s! Not unexpectedly, some are already questioning the necessity of such a service. After all, one could argue with validity that having to assemble and toast delivered food oneself, detracts somewhat from the subscription’s “service” aspect. Conversely, it does at least save subscribers a supermarket run for materials, and having ingredients pre-selected does free them from having to decide what kind of sandwich to make. From my vantage point, the success or failure of the venture all seems to boil (toast?) down to how much you hate supermarket checkout queues.

Via The Independent

Image credit: Tower Records
Image credit: Tower Records

Thank You, But Your Meal is In Another Castle

It’s been hailed as the “Greatest Game of All Time.” It’s spawned more sequel/spinoff properties that I care to count (not because I don’t know my way around sequential integers, but because I’m old and have simply lost count). And now, pioneering videogame Super Mario Brothers has spawned something else: a café. In Tokyo. It will function as a limited pop-up establishment from June 22 to July 5 in honor of our favorite fictional Italian plumber’s 30th anniversary. While all of the announced menu items sounds wonderful, the seeming absence of any dishes focused on mushrooms or snapping turtles as ingredients could well be regarded as the ultimate missed opportunity. Still a nice little piece of nostalgia for any old school gaming aficionados who’ll be in Tokyo later this month.

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