This Noodle-Eating Fellow Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Street Fights

So we’ve all been in this situation, am I right?

You’re sitting quietly in a noodle shop, bothering no one, just trying to get your slurp on, when into your immediate vicinity strides a group of angry gang members with violence on their minds. Because you’re sitting in neither a scene from West Side Story, nor Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It” video, you know at once that the chances of the warring factions simply dancing out their aggressions and then going home are astronomical at best.

So what do you do to avoid being drawn into a confrontation likely to end in cold, uneaten noodles? If you’re the guy in the above video apparently shot this past January in Keelung City, Taiwan but only recently uploaded to the ‘net, you Keep Calm and Slurp On. Who’s got a steel pair and a full belly? That guy… [Video courtesy of Spread Word’s YouTube channel]

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