Product Review: Maille Mustard Spring/Summer Boutique Collection

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

I recently received a collection of gourmet mustards from French mustard authority Maille. Its Spring/Summer collection includes three jars. Having admired the company’s products for some time (while having regrettably missed every opportunity so far to visit its New York City boutique, a failing on my part that I will soon enough rectify), I was honored to be approached for this review.

Image credit: Anthony Beal /
Image credit: Anthony Beal /

The collection seems to offer something to every palate. The flavors I received—Lemon and Garlic, Fine Herbs, and Toasted Onion and Wild Thyme—offering up endless versatility when it comes to usages and food pairings.

The Lemon and Garlic mustard seems the mildest of the three, with the citrus notes rising almost as an after effect of the tangy, garlicky flavors at the forefront. This is in no way diminishes their contribution. The Fine Herb mustard blend brought the most heat to the palate, feeling just right for anyone who likes a bit more spice in their spicy mustard. It more than delivers in that regard. The Toasted Onion and Wild Thyme mustard was laced with subtle sweetness that was right at home on hotdogs and sausages as well as steaks, and even mixed into cold pasta salads for added dimension.

Maille has been producing mustards for over 267 years. This latest collection serves as a significant reminder of the attention and craftsmanship that has helped the company endure for so long. It can be tasted in every jar.

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