NYC Foodies: Love Food Culture and Making Friends? Join The ‘League of Kitchens’


Though I am and will always be a New Yorker by birth, many years have passed since I could rightly call The Big Apple my home. Every so often, my food blogging leads me to some edible offering or experience that causes me a twinge of hunger-laced sadness that this is true. The latest, and by far, most interesting such instance has come to me in a form whose name appeals as much to my inner comic fan as to my lover of all things potable and comestible: The League of Kitchens (cue heroic-sounding music riff. Cue it!)

As instructors in the League of Kitchens, talented immigrant cooks open their homes and kitchens throughout NYC to culinary adventurers, to prepare and share dishes from their native culture. New York foodies age 18 and older are offered “Immersion Workshops” ($149 per 5.5-hour session) or shorter “Taste of…” classes ($95 per 2.5-hour session), with cuisines styles taught ranging from Afghan and Trinidadian, to Korean, Lebanese, and many more. Vegetarian options and gift certificates are also available. Each workshop includes a beverage, food samplings, a booklet of recipes and extensive related culinary info.


With small class sizes (usually 5 to 6 six students) contributing to a setting less formal and intimidating than a large classroom might seem, the League of Kitchens has found quick popularity among food lovers seeking to broaden their kitchen knowledge and make some new friends in an immersive learning environment. Learn more about the League’s fascinating work and instructors at or follow on Twitter and Instagram.

As for me, I’m off to check my schedule for a suitable time later this year to go play tourist in my old stomping grounds…

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