Caviar Twinkies, Bohemian Rhapsody Beer, The World’s Longest Pizza, and Feminine Lust-Inducing Vodka

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: FoodBeast / Instagram
Image credit: FoodBeast / Instagram

Caviar Twinkie. Yes, Seriously.

The hits just keep on coming with regard to foods that people are willing to mash-up into needless hybrids that Dr. Moreau would balk at ushering into existence. The 2015 OC (as in Orange County) Fair will feature this $125 item, which comes courtesy of OC Fair vendor and fair food legend “Chicken Charlie.” Why should this bite relieve a person of such an exorbitant sum? Maybe because it’s the fair’s 125th anniversary, or maybe because the caviar in question is said to be “the finest.” Or maybe, and perhaps more importantly, because some people will pay it gladly just for the right privilege benefit chance to later claim with honesty that they did.

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Image credit: Queen Bohemian Lager
Image credit: Queen Bohemian Lager

The Queen of Beers

British rock band Queen will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” with a beer developed to commemorate the milestone. Queen Bohemian Lager, touted as a “golden hoppy” brew, will rock store shelves in Europe this summer. Worldwide release of this handcrafted pilsner brewed in the Czech Republic (in the Kingdom of Bohemia, no less) is planned for later this year. A kind of magic awaits those with a taste for legendary music and milestone-observant beers whose bottle labels wear the Queen crest designed by the late Freddy Mercury himself during his art college days. I’m beginning to think  missed out by not crafting a beer to celebrate my own 40th year. Live and learn.

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Image credit: Reddit user
Image credit: Reddit user MarcoBrusa

The Red, Cheesy Mile

It might resemble the red carpet in an anthropomorphic food-themed Pixar movie, but the 1.5 km creation that recently broke a world’s record is actually a pizza. The world’s longest Margherita pizza, to be exact, and it took more than 60 of the best pizza makers in Italy to create it for the 2015 Milan Expo. Delivered in its entirety over the course of 18 hours, the pizza earned the Guinness World Records title of title “World’s Longest Pizza,” after which it was sliced up for expo attendees to enjoy for free. Record-breaking pizza? Good. Free record-breaking pizza? Priceless.

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Lady Lust In A Bottle

I feel compelled to file this one under “Dubious claims.” Lust Vodka is a GMO-free, gluten-free spirit marketed as “Florida’s Premier Vodka” What’s dubious about it, at least to me, is its claim that it may increase sexual desire in women. It (allegedly) does so not through any significant chemical engineering, but through the alcohol present and the assertion that simply reading the word “lust” in its name will inspire sufficient arousal to make said inspiration a selling point. I remain skeptical, if only because the same aphrodisiac implication could be applied to pretty much all alcoholic beverages to some degree, inasmuch as ethanol ingestion diminishes human inhibitions. How this product differs from the rest of its ilk remains to be seen, but I look forward as much to being proven wrong about it as I do to being proven right.

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