London’s ‘School Dining Hall’ Restaurant, Korean-Style J-Cones, Food Art Couture, and Japan’s Unagi Cola

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: The Independent
Image credit: The Independent

School Meals You Won’t Trade Away

London adults looking for an excuse to eat like a child again can search no further. East London pop-up restaurant After School Club will serve patrons elementary school fare such as fish fingers and alphabet noodles in a venue designed to resemble a school cafeteria. The five-course (or more accurately, “five-cafeteria-offering”) meal will set diners back £55 plus fees. Interested parties can buy tickets now for the pop-up, which will last from July 22nd through August 6th, 2015 at The Round Chapel Old School Rooms in Clapton. For my part, adulthood has enough going for it that I’m somewhat less than eager to revisit most childhood experiences (and am even less inclined to pay for the privilege). If you loved school lunch periods, though, it looks like sometimes you can go home again.

Via The Independent

Image credit: Jed Egan

Sometimes An Ice Cream Cone is Just An Ice Cream Cone

Yes, a New York City ice cream truck is selling these. No, it’s not a churro. Yes, everyone with a dirty mind knows perfectly well what it looks like. No, that doesn’t seem to be slowing business down any. The Play J Ice Cream truck is stuffing these J-shaped cones of puffed corn with ice cream or chocolate for your devouring pleasure and mine. The hooked lower end is said to keep melted ice cream from spilling out, lending the cones a functional reason for being shaped as they are. Nice to know, and no doubt—speaking as one who’s secure enough about his masculinity to say so—even nicer to eat.

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Image credit: Gretchen Röehrs / Instagram
Image credit: Gretchen Röehrs / Instagram

Food Couture

Food and fashion both have a friend in Gretchen Röehrs. The artist is creating wonderful visual works by using fresh produce and other edibles to fashion “clothing” for fashion models she sketches. Not only do the clothes look comfortable, they’re easily more fashionable than anything in my closet. I don’t know whether to feel more impressed with the artist’s work, or embarrassed for having been surpassed by some cartoons (albeit, undeniably stylish ones) in the wardrobe department. I think I’ll go with the former, before my therapist stops taking my calls.

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Drink Your Grilled Eel

I thought sodas had gone far afield the day I discovered one that tastes like Thanksgiving dinner. I thought it again the day I found one that tasted like Buffalo wings. Having just learned that a soda now exists that tastes of grilled eel, I honestly no longer know what to think. All I know is that on July 21st, Japanese beverage manufacturer Kimura Inryou will release an unagi-flavored soda throughout Shizuoka prefecture. Do with that what you will; I’m pouring myself another glass of wine.


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