Product Review: The Original James Gourmet Ketchup Sauce

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Because ketchup seems like a difficult condiment to improve upon, this product intrigued me right away. Upon smelling and tasting it, I was not disappointed. Its fragrance laden with bell pepper, sugar, and clove, it entices well before it hits the palate, and encourages experimentation with its complex flavorscape. My initial impression of The Original James Gourmet Ketchup Sauce was that at last I had something to enjoy in place of the too often dill-heavy red cocktail sauce that restaurants love to serve alongside shrimp and other seafood.

In addition to the vine-ripened tomatoes comprising its lion’s share, this sauce’s flavor is laden with bell pepper, onion, and suggestions of baking spices like clove and nutmeg. An unexpected but not unpleasant level of sweetness runs through its taste that pairs well with a variety of savory foods. This sauce speaks as much of sugar as of vegetal tanginess, and the combination of the two elements works. Whether it was burgers made of beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb, fried seafood like shrimp or cod, or old standards like french fries, home fries, or onion rings, this ketchup sauce was an asset to the meal. Its spice level is significant without adding excessive heat, a welcome attribute for anyone seeking to venture beyond the usual fare without having to suffer through the burning sensations that are all too common in other red, tomato-based condiments.

The Original James Gourmet Ketchup Sauce offers up great taste and flavor complexity certain to complement any main course or side dish to feature it. Learn more about this product at

2 thoughts on “Product Review: The Original James Gourmet Ketchup Sauce

  • July 20, 2015 at 10:28 PM

    It really has a lot going on in terms of multi-layered flavors; more than I’d anticipated upon first reading the word “ketchup sauce” (smiles). But it was quite a pleasant surprise…

  • July 11, 2015 at 8:51 PM

    This sounds pretty good! I love tomatoes, but am always wary of ketchup- it’s just too sugary for me. I’d try this for sure though.

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