A Tree of 40 Fruits, Spain’s Vino Azul, “Symbiotic” Food Packaging, and London’s ‘Breaking Bad’ RV Bar

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.


Image credit: TreeOf40Fruit.com
Image credit: TreeOf40Fruit.com

The Most Generous Tree in the World

Sam Van Aken is a university professor and artist who became fascinated at a young age with the process of grafting. None could have known all those years ago what that fascination would inspire him to do (I contemplated following the word “ago” in the preceding sentence with “…what strange fruit that fascination would bear,” but reconsidered at the last moment. You’re welcome.) Van Aken has engineered real-life fairy tale fodder: a tree from which 40 distinct varieties of stone fruit will be harvested upon maturity. The trees have already been placed throughout New York, for people to see each fruit reach optimum ripeness in turn. The list of reasons for me to head back to my hometown just keeps on growing. Much like the fruit of this tree.

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Image credit: Gïk Vino Azul

Don’t It Make Your White Wine Blue?

in León, Spain, six entrepreneurs have created a wine with average, imaginative people in mind. As opposed to connoisseurs (or “wine snobs”, ostensibly). its major claim to fame as of this writing seems to be that it is neither white, nor rosé nor red, but blue in color. Gïk Vino Azul is achieved using a base wine made with red and whites grapes that then undergoes flavor and color alteration. The end product is said to be sweet, and appears to be its creators’ first crack at starting what they feel is a much-needed wine revolution. Reading terms like “non-calorific sweeteners” or “laboratory-formed pigments” mentioned as part of its production process initially left me feeling less than optimistic. On second consideration, though, this wine has earned my curiosity, regarding both public perception as news of it gathers steam, and what its creators will produce next.

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Image credit: Tomorrow Machine
Image credit: Tomorrow Machine

Biodegradability Now

This Too Shall Pass is more than just something we tell ourselves in times of adversity. It’s also an environmentally-affectionate food packaging series where the packaging doesn’t outlive the foods they contain by much. Described as the package and its content “working in symbiosis”, the series counts among its innovations an olive oil package made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax, that one cracks like an egg to open (the package melts when it comes into contact with water), and a package for dry goods like grains and rice that is made of biodegradable beeswax one opens by peeling it like a fruit. We live in an interesting age…

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Image credit: ABQlondon.com
Image credit: ABQlondon.com

Walter White Up Some Cocktails

A Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar called ABQ opened today in London. Designed to recreate the experience of being main antihero character Walter White for its patrons, the venue lets visitors “cook” up various cocktails inside an RV in a meth lab-reminiscent setting. Caveat: Its somewhat limited capacity of only about 20 “cooks” at one time means the bar is admitting only ticket-holding guests for its planned three-month run. Indicative of Breaking Bad’s enduring popularity, tickets for July and August are already long gone. A few September and October spots are, as of this writing, up for grabs. Visit the ABQ website for more info on getting your chance to be the danger and drink well while doing it.

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