Japan’s Meat-Flavored Snack Cakes, Cool Oreo Art, NZ Stag Semen Stout, and London’s Scotch Egg Burger

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Cake Meets Meat

Oh, Japan. Never change. There’s now a manju (a typically sweet snack composed of sweet bean paste coated in cake-like pastry) that tastes of meat. Aged meat. And while that would be enough of an eyebrow raiser to end upon, Momotan Aged Meat Snacks are said to be made by tiny magical elves. Fastidious workers, they’re tasked with adding the proper ingredients like beef extract, pepper paste, and more to convey the genuine flavor of meat in every bite. Does it make me a bad person that I find myself wondering what the elves taste like as much as I do about the taste of the snacks themselves?

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Image credit: Tisha Cherry / Instagram

Oreo Art

Artist Tisha Cherry creates beautiful things using Oreo cookies as her materials and canvases, and their frosting as her paints. Her masterpieces recreate some of the world’s most impressive artworks from masters like Munch, Van Gogh, and Matisse. They also showcase her talent, humor, and creativity in a manner most appealing to eye and stomach alike. It’s been rare that I’ve stumbled upon an art exhibition so affecting that I wanted to devour it at once, but I’ve found one here. And how very sweet it is…


Image credit: Stag Semen Stout
Image credit: Stag Semen Stout

A Spunky Little New Zealand Stout

They say it’s full of protein. They say it’s a “creamy” stout with coffee and chocolate notes. The chief takeaway from this story out of the Green Man pub in Wellington, New Zealand just in time for International Beer Day is that its Stag Semen Stout is named with sincere honesty one can only appreciate. Its use of only the finest “export-quality semen” will probably be cold comfort to drinkers who cannot see past this beer’s extra special not-so-secret ingredient. Or maybe they’ll jump at the chance to taste this special brew. I don’t know whether curiosity would get the better of me in this case and entice me to have a sip, since I’d kind of hate to find out that I loved it. I do know that few if any are likely to forget its name when it comes time to order up.

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Image credit: Marcel Le Bachelet mkjlb.co.uk
Image credit: Marcel Le Bachelet mkjlb.co.uk

Scotch Egg Burger

From August 7th to the 22nd, hungry Londoners can head to Strongrooms in Shoreditch or Star of Kings in King’s Cross and tuck into a Scotch Egg Burger courtesy of the food wizards at Yeah! Burger (and maybe pair it with a nice pint.) It consists of a burger lovingly held in the tender embrace of a scotch egg rather than a standard bun. Patty options range from chorizo to vegetarian to dragon (featuring haggis and lamb rather than bona fide mythical beast meat) and each burger can be had for about £10-£12. This threatens work a considerable lot more boiled eggs into my current diet. And dragon. Lots of dragon…

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