Haul Butts, Get Free Cerveza & Soft Drinks at This Spanish Beach Bar

freebeer2A beach bar in Spain is taking proactive steps to reduce the amount of cigarette litter sullying the sands.

Tibu-Ron Bar in Castelldefels (near Barcelona) is pouring free beers (or soft drinks, for those too young to legally consume alcoholic beverages) as reward to any industrious soul who brings in a container filled with discarded cigarette butts and filters collected from the surrounding beach.

As of this writing, most free beverages given away have been to children galvanized by the prospect of free sodas in exchange for an hour or two of easy, if somewhat gross, work.

Tibu-Ron’s proprietor Juan Manuel Lema hopes the incentivized beautification move will help keep the beach clean and encourage other nearby establishments to follow his lead. Here’s hoping it does both.

Via Yahoo News

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