18th Century Georgian Ice Creams To Feature at August 21-23 Kensington Palace Event

Image credit: Harriet's Jolly Nice Ice Cream
Image credit: Harriet’s Jolly Nice Ice Cream

From August 21st to 23nd, London’s Kensington Palace will see the revival of ice cream recipes from three centuries ago.

The frozen treats will feature at Queen Caroline’s Garden Party, a lavish festival that immerses all comers in the year 1732 as well as the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Georgian court of King George II and Queen Caroline. The 300-year-old Georgian recipes being resurrected by Jolly Nice Ice Cream are said to be so effective that 45 minutes was all it took to churn out a fully solidified ice cream. Two flavors, “Chocolate ‘Water Ice’” (think chocolate sorbet) and “Orange Blossom with Apricot” are on the menu for the event. Other recipes unearthed included the likes of “White Wine with Pineapple Syrup”, “Cucumber with Ginger, Lemon, and Brandy”, “Tea”, and more.

As a firm adherent to the idea that failure to learn from history dooms us to repeat it, I’m excited by these centuries-old recipes. They are proof that every once in a while, we can both learn from history and repeat it, with sweet and delicious results.

Via The Telegraph

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