A Breathable Booze Bar, Meat Ice Cream Sandwiches, The Poler, and Poop-Flavored Japanese Curry

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Alcoholic Architecture
Image credit: Alcoholic Architecture

London’s Alcoholic Air (No, it’s not an airline)

Alcoholic Architecture isn’t a term coined to describe haphazard edifice building. It’s the name of a pop-up bar in London’s Borough Market. Created by Bompas and Parr (who you may remember from their outings with flavored fireworks and luminescent pickle ceiling fixtures), the establishment allows one to take their first step on the road to an evening’s inebriation simply by walking through its doors. The interior of the place is filled with aerosolized alcohol that requires patrons only to breathe in order to ingest their booze. Because this ingestion method takes effect a great deal faster than sipping cocktails (albeit with fewer calories than sipping), the establishment limits “drinkers” to 50 minutes to avoid overindulgence. Let the race for the inevitable wave of tongue-in-cheek “Don’t Breathe and Drive” PSAs begin.

Via Fast Company

Image credit: Today Show
Image credit: Today Show

Let’s call it a Pastrami on Rye-ce Cream Sandwich

A food truck named Coolhaus has created an ice cream sandwich full of pastrami. Scheduled to join the menu in trucks operating throughout Los Angeles, Dallas, and NYC near the end of this month, the sandwich features caramelized pastrami mixed into ice cream, held between “marbled rye” cookies (these being rye and caraway seeded, with the marbling actually consisting of chocolate/vanilla). Seems perfect for those packed-schedule days when one has time for lunch, but not dessert before rushing back to the boardroom, beach, or cattle ranch (What? We don’t know where you work.) Now we can have both in one cool handheld snack.

Via Today Show

Image credit: PolerStuff.com
Image credit: PolerStuff.com

Sandwiches Roasting on an Open Fire

Summer’s winding down. Before long, the mercury’s going to drop and we’ll find ourselves spending more chilly evenings huddled with good friends around backyard fire pits and chimeneas. At some point, someone’s likely to get hungry. When that happens, the Poler Sandwich Maker appears to have your back. Imagine a sandwich-sized hinged cast-iron enclosure with a long handle. Now imagine filling it with buttered bread and sandwich fixin’s before snapping it shut and shoving that bad boy into some open flames. The good news: That sizzling sound you’re hearing is the sound of sandwich greatness being born. The not-so-good-but-not-altogether-terrible-news: One of these will lighten your wallet to the tune of about $53 USD. Still, some would call that a small price to pay for perfect sandwich melts cooked over an open fire.

Via Bless This Stuff

Image credit: XFS
Image credit: XFS

We Sh*t You Not: This Curry Joint’s Specialty is Poop-Flavored Curry

How do they know what poop tastes like? How many recipe trials did they go through before settling on their end product? What does poop-flavored curry taste like when it goes bad? Who would pay money for this? Why, for the love of everything that is good and decent in the universe, whywhywhywhy why Why WHY? These are just a sampling of the questions that crowded into my skull upon my first hearing of Tokyo’s Curry Shop Shimizu. Opened by a Japanese adult video actor, its specialty has been proudly proclaimed to be curry that literally tastes like shit. Served in miniature Japanese-style toilets.

I wish I was kidding. Oh, how I wish I was kidding.

The AV actor in question, one Ken Shimizu a.k.a. Shimizen, claims that his line of work has afforded him a unique body of knowledge to guide his, um…research in perfecting the curry’s flavor. I hereby claim to have at last discovered a Tokyo eatery that I have no desire whatsoever to visit. Ever.

Via RocketNews24

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