Wine Review: 2012 Jacob’s Creek Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay

Image credit: Anthony Beal
Image credit: Anthony Beal

The bottle of 2012 Jacob’s Creek Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay I recently brought home was neither my first from this producer nor from this vintage. Unless I kick the proverbial bucket immediately upon finishing this review, it is unlikely to be my last. The South Australia region of Adelaide Hills has earned a reputation for putting its foot in some premium Chardonnay wine, with crisp, elegant acidity and expressions of citrus and white peach being hallmarks of its products. This wine remains faithful to that distinction.

A golden-hued pour not shy about showing its thick legs, this wine exhibits aromas that drew me down a stony path lined with lemon trees, tangerine trees, and mineral-rich earth. Following that path onto the tongue, I discovered white peach and nectarine and oak trees as well. These elements coalesce with the citrus and mineral impressions to create a creamy texture, as well as a blessed union with roasted poultry or grilled shellfish. Serving this with pasta in cream-based sauces also produces a happy marriage for how well its marked acidity and moderate alcohol balance its more fruit-forward aspects.

This is an ample-bodied wine that asserts its zaftig presence upon the tongue, and excitement lives in knowing that however pleasing it is now, storing and aging it for a few years will only magnify its already noteworthy flavor complexity.

Find out more about 2012 Jacob’s Creek Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay by visiting Jacob’s Creek online.

Retail: $14.00
Alcohol: 13%

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