Holy Modern Convenience! Amazon.com Debuts 1-Hour Food/Booze Delivery!

Speaking as a man who loves his food and drink, I submit that truly we are living in the best of times. Amazon.com’s 1-Hour alcohol delivery service for Amazon Prime members living in the Seattle area made its auspicious debut yesterday.

Yes, you read that right: alcohol delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes is now a reality.

With hooch prices said to be comparable to local neighborhood liquor stores and delivery hours spanning 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, this service is poised to be either the greatest or worst thing to ever happen to habitual sippers (depending, as with most creature comforts, on one’s ability to indulge responsibly). Pair this with its testing of hot restaurant meal delivery launched the same day, and the benefits to spur-of-the-moment entertaining are as immeasurable as they are fascinating.

Now if only Amazon would devise a service that will deliver me to bed from my living room sofa after I’ve fallen asleep watching Comedy Central, I could simply have all my future paychecks forwarded there and cut out the middleman.  [Video courtesy of Amazon YouTube channel]

Via GeekWire


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