Pantone Smoothies, A Birthday Cake Transforms, 121-Year Old Whisky, and Improving Chocolate Mouthfeel

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Drink These Colors

A color study is under way, with the intention of creating smoothies in hues that will precisely match any Pantone color swatch. No, they’re not made with paint. Yes, each pictured smoothie includes the recipe used to create it. Helmed by professional art director Hedvig A. Kushner, the project seeks to answer the question of whether it really is possible to produce a smoothie in any Pantone color. Most of the smoothies sound pretty tasty. And honestly, isn’t that what art’s all about?

Via Design TAXI

Cakes In Disguise

Birthday cake is awesome. Transformers are awesome (don’t judge me; I choose to remember them in their animated 1980s form and ignore  the mess of gratuitous explosions and plot holes that is their live-action film franchise). A birthday cake that IS a Transformer is awesomeness squared, as is having a father who knows how to construct one of these. The birthday boy featured in this video s certain to remember this birthday forever. (And kudos to Dad for aligning his son early in life with the delicious, peace-loving Autobots instead of the villainous Decepticons, whom I have to think would taste like evil if they were cake).

Via Foodiggity

Image credit: Highland Folk Museum
Image credit: Highland Folk Museum

If I Could Save 121-Year-Old Whisky in a Bottle

A metal time capsule has been unearthed near Kingussie in the highlands of Scotland. Among its contents was a newspaper dated 1894 and a bottle of what is believed to be whisky. Uncovered by construction workers during a bridge-building project, the time capsule and its contents are now in the possession of the Highland Folk Museum. I can’t help feeling that this discovery kind of makes my contribution of a drawing of He-Man to a time capsule when I was a kid look and feel less significant.


Image credit: Confectionery News

German Chocolate?

Who knew that the feels of chocolate in our mouths could be improved upon? It seems that German scientists writing in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics did. Putting forth that chocolatier lecithin formulation has been somewhat haphazard, the scientists submit that the key to optimizing texture, aroma, could lie in molecular dynamics. German scientists, you have my attention.

Via Confectionery News

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