Are You An ‘Ultimate Foodie’?

Maille_Foodie 50_#37_Hosted a supperclubFoodie.

There. I said it. I said the “F” word.

And I’m not sorry…

Maille_Foodie 50_#11_Used vinegar as seasoning in a dishFor more than three decades,the term “foodie” has incurred nearly as much hate as it has love, and its definition has expanded over the years to encompass virtually anyone who likes to eat (which technically is everyone, since hardly anyone I’ve ever encountered has expressed disdain for the act of nourishing themselves.)

To better understand what being a “foodie” really means today, premium French Dijon mustard brand Maille commissioned a new consumer research study, conducted by Ipsos with a representative sample of 3,000 people across the US, UK, and France in July 2015.

The results of that study have identified a breed of Ultimate Foodies, for whom food is a way of life.

According to this research, one in ten Americans is an “Ultimate Foodie”:

  • Ultimate Foodies spend more than 10 hours in the kitchen each week, 2.5 hours longer than the national average.
  • Ultimate Foodies visit five times the number of new restaurants (22% vs. 4% for non-foodies) and three times the number of pop-up or street food restaurants (22% vs. 7%).
  • More than half (61%) take inspiration from their dining out experiences when creating meals at home.
  • Ultimate Foodies are much more likely to look out for the latest trends in food and drink (72% vs. 21% for non-foodies).
  • They would much rather be a celebrity chef (29%) than a professional sports star (10%) or a pop musician (7%).

To inspire Ultimate Foodies around the world, Maille has created The Ultimate Foodie 50, a bucket list of food techniques, experiences and tastes. Maille invites food lovers to check out its Ultimate Foodie 50 List to see which of the 50 you’ve already achieved and to motivate you to take on new culinary challenges. 

Highlights include: 

  • Have spices from five continents in the kitchen
  • Make a perfect béarnaise sauce 
  • Successfully recreate a dish you tasted in a restaurant, without a recipe
  • Taste savory gelato
  • Forage for ingredients
  • Maintain a sourdough starter for over a year
  • Prepare a crystalclear consommé
  • Choose a vacation destination in order to taste a local delicacy 
  • Take a cookbook on vacation as your beach read 
  •  Host a supper club

So check out the list to see how many of the 50 attributes you can claim. Because honestly, wouldn’t you like to be an “Ultimate Foodie” too?

[All images courtesy of Maille]

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