Stadium Snacks Enjoyed At Sports Events Around The World

Here in the states, football season is upon us once more. That translates not only into opportunities to watch our chosen teams battle for glory, but into some wonderful eating opportunities from stadium parking lot tailgating events to in-home viewing parties. A recent infographic put together by our friends at Book A Table examines the wide variety of stadium foods enjoyed in countries throughout the world, and after exploring it in depth, my takeaways are thus:

  • Denmark is an excellent place to be a sports fan.
  • I could probably subsist with glee on Malaysia‘s stadium cuisine for months at a time.
  • I have one more reason to want to get to Japan sooner rather than later.
  • Mexico has a “soaked sandwich” that sounds even tastier than the French Dip.

Check out the list and then tell us: What are your favorites? How many have you tried? Which would you be most excited to try for the first time?


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