BK Spain’s Whopper Wine, Coffee Cereal, ‘Pepsi Perfect’ Is Real, and Female Orgasm-Inducing Hawaiian Mushrooms

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Burger King España / Facebook
Image credit:
Burger King España / Facebook

Sip It Your Way

No one can say that Burger King suffers from lack of daring or imagination. The fast food franchise recently celebrated its 40-year presence in Spain in a fashion that could not seem more fitting, given Spain’s rich history of producing memorable alcoholic beverages: by giving away wine. Flame-broiled wine. That was crafted to provide the perfect flavor complement to a Whopper. An inaugural contest was held, inviting people to enter for a chance to win one of 40 bottles of the commemorative red. And even though it is only available in Spain as of this writing, I feel very fortunate to be alive in a time when such things can be conceived, much less implemented. One can only hope for an inevitable Chicken Fries companion wine to soon follow.

Via Flood Magazine

Image credit: Coffee-Cereal.com
Image credit: Coffee-Cereal.com

Coffee and Cereal Get it Together

Oh, caffeine. You do have a knack for turning up in the most unexpected places. First in a new line of peanut butter. Now, in our breakfast cereal. Born of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Coffee Cereal now exists to boost energy levels from here to Normal, Illinois where the project originated. Consisting of corn flakes coated with premium coffee and flavorings, it sounds like the time-saver a lot of us have been looking for. No more having to take your morning coffee separately from your bowl of sugary cereal. Multitask on, multitaskers.

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Image credit: Pepsi.com
Image credit: Pepsi.com

Past Perfect, Future Perfect

The Back To The Future film franchise may not have been entirely accurate regarding everything it predicted we would have by certain dates in the year 2015. It does appear to have gotten one thing right though. On October 21, 2015 (in the movie Back To The Future II) our thirsty film hero Marty McFly purchases a bottle of ‘Pepsi Perfect’ at the Café 80’s (an establishment themed after 1980’s fads and fashions). With the actual calendar date of October 21st, 2015 less than two weeks away, Pepsi is releasing a limited-run of real-life ‘Pepsi Perfect’ that will sell for $20.15.Details can be found on Pepsi’s social media on how and when to score a bottle for movie memorabilia collectors to covet from now until we all have the widely commercially available hoverboards and flying cars the trilogy also promised us.

Via First We Feast

two orange mushrooms growing amidst green foliage
Image credit: Public Domain

I’ll Smell What She’s Smelling

Scientists have uncovered amidst recent lava flows an orange-colored mushroom whose aroma induces spontaneous female orgasm. No, that’s not a dirty joke and there is no punch line forthcoming. The Dictyophora species of mushroom posses hormone-like compounds in its volatile aromatic components that share similarity with neurotransmitters that humans release during sexual encounters. Nearly half the volunteer subjects in a study involving the mushroom’s odor experienced climax, making it a good deal more successful with pleasing the ladies than many a fellow I’ve known. Maybe I should look into getting new friends…

Via Foodbeast

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