Wine Salt Exists, Molecular Gastronomy Ex Machina, Japan’s “My Little Pony” Cafe, and Cotton Candy Hot Dogs

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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He’s a Salty Drunk

Flavor-smacked sea salts are everywhere these days, tasting of everything from alderwood smoke to herbs and lemons. They can be a great deal of fun to use, not to mention an easy and visually-appealing way to nudge the tastes and moods of our kitchen creations where we want them to go. For those who love working with them, but are bored with colorful flavored salts tasting of citrus and garlic and jalapeño, there are now wine-infused sea salts whose flavors run the gamut of red and white varieties. As one would reasonably expect, the red-infused salts are said to pair well with red meats and hearty stews, while those infused with white wines taste best on seafood and veggie dishes. Time to start working on a witty toast to deliver along with whatever meals you add these to.


Food Pearls All Up in Ya Kitchen

The Imperial Spherificator isn’t the latest weapon in the Sith arsenal; it’s something much more benevolent, and I dare say, affectionate toward the food lovers among us. It is the world’s first automatic food pearl forming device. Think caviar, but made out of virtually any food item your little heart (or stomach) desires. “Molecular Gastronomy made easy”, meet “I wonder if it will work with (insert food item my kids won’t eat…yet.)” [Video courtesy of Imperial Spherificator YouTube channel.]

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Text logo of My Little Pony Japan Cafe
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Time to Pony Up, J

Japan has opened the world’s first (but certain not to be the last) My Little Pony themed café in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

That noise you just heard…the one that sounds like hordes of thundering hooves…

…that’s the sound of all the happy Bronies and Pegasisters converging on the pastel-colored paradise to enjoy character-themed pancakes and other menu items while the gettin’ is good. Born of a partnership between My Little Pony and Japanese ladies horse/horse racing club, the café will only make friendship magic until November 29th, after which it will gallop away, most likely in adorable fashion.

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Dogs of Cotton and Candy

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever been at a baseball stadium, seen the concession stand offerings, and felt that what was missing from its repertoire was a hot dog topped with cotton candy and drizzled with cotton candy-infused mustard. (Yes, I know what an unspeakably small number that must be, but hear me out.) The Texas Rangers will be serving this creation at their American League home playoff games at Globe Life Park. The obvious question at a time like this might seem to be “Why?” but I beg to differ; I think the obvious question is twofold: Firstly, “What kind of mustard gets infused?” and perhaps more importantly, “What kind of beer pairs best with this dog?” If anyone reading this has tasted one, let us know, because our curiosity is at least a foot long…

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