Wu-Tang Clan Beer, Rainbow Bagels, Chanel Buys a Napa Winery, and Butter Sushi

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Dock Street Brewery/Origlio Beverage
Image credit: Dock Street Brewery/Origlio Beverage

Wu-Tang Beer

On November 4th, 2015, Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewery will release a beer that after brewing, spent a full six months exposed to the hiphop stylings of the Wu-Tang Clan. A golden saison, aged in a red wine barrel, Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nothin’ to Funk With is said to deliver “new levels of tart and funk” and 6.7% ABV. The idea behind this experimental process is that, all things being a product of their environment, it might be interesting to see if the vibrations caused by the music might agitate the yeast contained in the beer enough to incite new flavor experiences. If this works, the nest step, in my opinion, should be to gauge the effect of different music styles, that we all might be fortunate enough to listen with our tongues.

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Image credit: The Bagel Store / Instagram
Image credit: The Bagel Store / Instagram

Schmear the Rainbow

Rainbow Bagels exist, and you can score them in Brooklyn, New York. Aptly-named, The Bagel Store is selling these fun items and serving them with flavorful add-ons that threaten to upstage the bagels themselves as far as cool factor goes; think things like cotton candy, or cream cheese varieties like Birthday Cake “Funfetti”, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Tomato, Bacon & Scallion. I can think of a certain colorful hard-shelled candy that might want to explore new slogan options, as these rainbows are sounding like the tastiest ones around.

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Image credit: St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery

Wine is the New Black

French fashion design house Chanel is dipping a stylish toe in the U.S. wine market. It recently acquired St. Supéry Vineyards and Winery in California’s Napa valley, a purchase that will take effect this November, but won’t mark Chanel’s first venture with respect to win. The designer owns wine properties in Bordeaux and St. Emilion, France. As a wine aficionado, this prospect intrigues me, as does the notion that one day soon I might have to start lending consideration not only to which wines pair best with my food, but also which ones pair best with whatever ensemble I choose on a given day.

Food and Wine

Image credit: Yoshitch / Instagram
Image credit: Yoshitch / Instagram

Butter Living Through Sushi

Osaka, Japan, is known for being a rich and vibrant food scene. Butter is known for making everything more delicious. It seems inevitable that these two truths should at some point intersect. They have done so at Jinen, a 4-restaurant sushi chain in Osaka is now adding a pat of butter atop its unagi (eel) sushi. Unagi Butter Sushi is proving to be a hit among diners and would seem to make for an intriguing item to spy on a menu. And while I’ve always liked the fact that sushi is generally a healthy choice as meals or snacks go (a state that the addition of butter can only compromise to some degree), I won’t pretend I don’t hope to try this new sushi mod. Hope it hangs in long enough that I get to.

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